Time To Putin An Offer! Cold War Bunker Complete With Gas Masks And Body Bags Goes On Sale

A nuclear bunker from the Cold War era has gone on sale for £25,000. Located in Louth, Lincolnshire, England, the Royal Observer Corps monitoring post was bought on eBay nearly 20 years ago. Mark Colledge, 64, purchased the underground vault after seeing it on online for the bargain price of £12,500 in 2003. But despite growing fears of a nuclear war at the hands of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, its owner has now decided to sell it. The underground vault can only be accessed down a 14ft shaft. In case of an attack, inside there are body bags, gas masks and a red telephone box. There’s also a bed and sleeping bag. The small vault only fits three people and was built in 1959 in response to the growing threat of nuclear attack in the 1950s. In the event of nuclear attacks, three observers would have taken shelter in the hold, and reported on the fallout. The observers had adequate food and water to sustain them for two weeks, alongside landline telephones and radio communication. The bunker looks identical to over 1,500 constructed around the UK from the later 1950s onwards. The property will be auctioned on November 24 with SDL Property Auctions.