Tina Malone faces police action after allegedly sharing photo of child killer Jon Venables

Malone could face prison time over the incident. (PA)
Malone could face prison time over the incident. (PA)

Former Shameless star Tina Malone has apologised after sharing a post that reportedly identifies James Bulger killer Jon Venables.

The actress, 55, who shared a post that included a photo of Venables, 35, faces up to two years in prison for spreading an alleged image of what he looks like now and one identifying his girlfriend.

A worldwide court injunction bans anyone from posting and sharing images of either Venables or his accomplice, Robert Thompson.

The image comes following Venables was sent back to prison after being found in possession of child pornography.

The actress has admitted to sharing the photo but says she didn’t know it was against the law to do what she did.

The Bulger killer could receive another new identity. (Channel 4)
The Bulger killer could receive another new identity. (Channel 4)

Speaking to the Daily Star, Malone said:

‘I didn’t have a clue it was illegal. What are you going to do… prosecute me for posting a picture? I didn’t realise. I am not au fait with the law.’

Five years ago, two men were given suspended sentences for sharing supposed photos of Venables and Thompson; with some reports now claiming he is to be given his fifth new identity since 1993, costing the taxpayer upwards of £1 million during the period.

Latest reports have even suggested Venables is demanding plastic surgery, after claiming it’s his ‘right’ amidst fears people will recognise him.

Only last month, Channel 4 aired a controversial documentary that many thought sympathised with the child killers and caused subsequent outrage among viewers.

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