Train announcer tells passengers in Victoria to ‘take care’ after Syria missile strike

Rob Waugh

Passengers arriving in London’s Victoria station this morning were told that Donald Trump had launched a missile attack against Syria – and to ‘take care’.

An announcer on the 6.30am Southern service from Brighton told passengers that America had launched 59 Tomahawk missiles against an air base in Syria.

Passengers getting off at Victoria were instructed to ‘take care’ and to report anything suspicious by calling 999.

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A spokesman for Southern said, ‘We require our on-board staff to make standard announcements as they approach their destination stations, and some will add their own twists which in the main are enjoyed by our passengers as it adds the human touch. However, this is different and we will be looking into this.’


Donald Trump was backed by the UK, Israel and Australia in the wake of the move, with the attacks described as ‘appropriate’ and ‘just’.

About 60 Tomahawk missiles hit the Shayrat air base at 3.45am, fired from two warships in the Mediterranean sea.