The Traitors' Harry addresses Mollie romance rumours after close friendship

The BBC show winner Harry Clark has spoken out on rumours he had fallen for best mate Mollie Pearce, who he betrayed in the final.

Watch: The Traitors star Harry responds to Mollie romance rumours

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The Traitors winner Harry Clark has finally addressed rumours of a romance with his close friend from the cast Mollie Pearce, who he betrayed in the final to scoop the entire prize fund.

Clark, 23, had formed a close bond with Pearce, 21, with the pair promising to back each other all the way to the end - but Faithful Pearce did not know that Clark had been a Traitor throughout the BBC One show, and looked shocked as he turned on her at the last minute to walk away with £95,000.

Now, Clark has spoken to This Morning about rumours of a romance and what is really going on between the pair.

What, how, and why?

Traitors winner Harry Clark opened up on the rumours he had fallen for show best mate Mollie Pearce when he appeared on Monday's This Morning.

Fans saw him scoop the entire £95,000 prize pot from under Pearce's nose in Friday's final, leaving her looking devastated at his betrayal.

Winner of Traitors Harry on This Morning
Harry Clark won the entire Traitors prize pot. (ITV)

But Clark has insisted they are just good friends, welcoming the chance to set the record straight about their friendship.

He told host Rylan Clark: "I wanted to mention Mollie, because of our connection and also to put it out there for all the rumours that there's no romance involved. I've got an amazing girlfriend who I love dearly. She's got an amazing boyfriend who I've met, he's a legend.

"So I feel a bit sorry for them because it's like, we're just two young people who built a genuine connection. I know more about her boyfriend than I do about Mollie. She knows more about my girlfriend than she does about me because that's how we connect.

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 - THE FINAL FIVE - ,Studio Lambert,Paul Chappells
Finalists Harry, Andrew, Evie, Jaz and Mollie with host Claudia Winkleman. (BBC)

"We were really close friends, and that shows our bond because when it finished she was still worried about me and she didn't want me to feel like she hated me. She just gave me a massive hug and was like, I love and hate you at the same time. I just think that shows her personality to a tee, like how amazing because I wouldn't blame her if she still hates me now."

Clark, who revealed that the prize money had just landed in his account on the way to the interview, admitted he had "got really lucky" with how much Pearce trusted him, and added: "I owe Mollie 100 per cent. I'll repay her in some way."

What else happened on This Morning?

Winner of Traitors Harry on This Morning
Harry Clark told This Morning about his motivation to win. (ITV)

Clark also explained how he had managed to be so ruthless as a Traitor, despite having grown close to many of his fellow contestants who he pushed out of the game.

The British army engineer, who had vowed to help his family with the money, said: "I'm never gonna be this close to ever being able to make this sort of money again in my life. So I was gonna give it everything."

Asked whether he would ever have allowed fellow Traitor Andrew Jenkins to make it to the end with him, he admitted: "No. It sounds so bad and greedy but to me I just thought I've got this opportunity to win it, it's in the bag, and the game's called The Traitors, so if I'm going to be a Traitor from the start, I might as well finish it as a Traitor."

This Morning airs on ITV at 10am on weekdays.

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