The Traitors final: Crying Mollie storms off as she finds out friend Harry is traitor

Traitor Harry steals all the £95,150 prize money

Claudia Winkleman joins The Traitors finalists Evie, Harry, Mollie, Jaz, and Andrew. (BBC)
Claudia Winkleman joins The Traitors finalists Evie, Harry, Mollie, Jaz, and Andrew. (BBC)

Sobbing Mollie stormed off swearing when she found out her friend Harry was a traitor and that he had stolen the £95,150 in The Traitors final.

The final was jam-packed with tears and backstabbing. The stakes were higher than they ever were before with the final five competing to win the money. It was so tense when it got down to the final three: Mollie, Jaz and Harry.

Jaz went on his hunch and he asked to vote out again because he revealed he didn't 100% trust Harry. Crying Mollie wrote Harry before changing her mind and writing Jaz because Harry had been her friend throughout the whole series. In a heartbreaking moment, Mollie mouthed to Harry: "Are you a traitor?" Harry mouthed to Mollie that he was not a traitor so she asked Claudia Winkleman if she could change her vote and the TV host let her.

Once Jaz had left, Harry and Mollie then had to tell each other whether they were faithful or a traitor as the game had ended. Mollie proudly shared she was a faithful so she was absolutely horrified to find out that her friend was a traitor.

The model broke down in tears and stormed off when her friend told her that he was a traitor from the very beginning of the game. "Oh my f***ing God," Mollie responded. "Oh my god. F***." Harry stole all of the money, taking home an impressive £95,150.

Earlier in the game, the group had to complete a challenge where they added £20,000 to the prize pot. Faithful Evie was the first to be banished in the roundtable on Friday and all of the players chose not to end the game there. Andrew was then voted out, revealing he was a traitor. Then, Jaz leading to Harry winning the game.

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  • Harry celebrates his win of £95,150

    Harry was totally delighted with the win.

    He enjoyed a toast with Claudia Winkleman as they celebrated his win together drinking prosecco.In a piece to camera, he said: "You come here and there are 22 amazing people, from the off I've been a traitor. I've had enough of being naughty, being bad."

    With Winkleman he shouted: "I'm the best traitor in the world." Then he said: "I hope Mollie didn't hear that."

    He hopes to repair his relationship with Mollie but she had previously said she wouldn't speak to him again.

  • Mollie says Harry played a good game

    Crying Mollie was absolutely devastated as she had changed her mind.

    The star revealed that Harry had played a very good game and she had decided to trust him last minute.

  • Mollie storms off as she finds out Harry is a traitor

    Harry tells his friend Mollie that he is a traitor.

    "I am, and since the start, a traitor," he said.

    "Oh my f***ing God," Mollie responded. "Oh my god. F***."

  • Harry wins The Traitors

    Harry has won The Traitors.

    Jaz was the last one banished. Mollie changed her mind on voting for her friend Harry and she changed the name to Jaz at the last minute while crying.

  • Votes are in

    Harry votes Jaz

    Jaz votes Harry

    Mollie votes Jaz

  • Mollie cries as she writes Harry

    Mollie cried her eyes out as she wrote Harry's name on the board.

    She has a secret exchange with Harry and he whispered to her it wasn't him.

    "Can I change it?" She asked Claudia Winkleman.

  • Harry tries to defend himself

    Harry tried to persuade Jaz that he was faithful and that Andrew was spiteful.

    Jaz wasn't convinced. He said: "It's really confusing I don't know why he mentioned your name."

  • Votes are in

    Mollie wants to end the game. "I was going off the fact there was one traitor and we just found him, I'm praying you guys have been honest," she tells the group.

    Harry also wants to end the game. "I'm a 100%," he said. "Why would I not end the game?"

    Jaz doesn't want to end the game. "The only person I am confident to stand with is Mollie. After finding out Andrew there is a trend of traitors taking traitors out. It's very difficult. I'm not sure why he brought it up." He said.

  • Mollie is tearful

    Tensions are high as the group must decide whether to end the game.

    Mollie is tearful as she looks to Harry for reassurance. What will they decide to do?

  • Andrew praises fellow traitor Harry for playing a great game

    Andrew gracefully went out of the game.

    In a piece to camera, the traitor revealed his high praise for his fellow traitor Harry. He said he had praised the game really well.

  • Andrew is banished

    Andrew is banished from the game.

    "I am a traitor," he told the remaining three in the group. Mollie stood with her jaw dropping.

    "You have been utterly brilliant," Claudia Winkleman said.


  • Votes are in

    Mollie votes Andrew

    Andrew votes Harry

    Harry votes Andrew

    Jaz votes Andrew

  • Andrew outs Harry as a traitor

    Jaz chooses to banish again.

    He explained his reasons saying: "Mainly I have my concerns I've been upfront again."

    Mollie agreed to banish again too. She explained: "I want to feel secure standing there at the end."

    Andrew chose to banish again and outed Harry. He said: "I think Harry has been a great traitor again, he's leading again."

    Harry also choses to banish too. "That was random," he said in response to Andrew's claims. "I want to feel comfortable when ending the game," he said.

  • Claudia Winkleman reveals how ending works

    Claudia Winkleman told them they must all agree that the game is over.

    She said: "The game only ends when you all decide to end it or if there are only two players remaining." If one player decides to banish again, they must all choose someone to leave the game at this point. If the pouches burn red in the fire, all four of the stars will banish again.

  • Will Jaz work out the two traitors?

    Jaz is almost onto it but will he work it out?

    Equally as sneaky as Harry, Andrew had secretly confided in him that he believes Harry could be a traitor. In a piece to camera, Jaz remembered how traitors would go at each other before. He pondered over whether it could be Andrew and Harry. He is so close to working out they are the two traitors left in the game.

  • Mollie won't speak to Harry if it's revealed he's a traitor

    Mollie tells traitor Harry again that she would never speak to him again if he's a traitor.

    Having a secret conversation in the kitchen, the friends discuss what to do about the game. Sneaky Harry tells Mollie that he thinks Andrew could be a traitor. Mollie remains uncertain on the others but she is confident in Harry.

  • Will they end the game?

    Claudia Winkleman revealed the group can choose to end the game or banish another player.

    Harry questioned among the group: "So it's possible that we're all faithful?"

  • Faithful Evie is banished

    Evie reveals to the group that she is faithful as she is banished from the game.

    "I honestly can't begin how amazing this whole experience has been. You are all fab. I am so proud it was us five at the end. Goodluck!"

    There is a nervous pause while everyone waits to hear. "Of course, I'm a faithful," she told the group.

  • Roundtable votes are in

    Andrew votes Evie

    Evie votes Andrew

    Jaz votes Evie

    Harry votes Evie

    Mollie votes Evie

  • Jaz confronts Harry on whether he's a traitor

    Jaz confronted Harry in front of the group for the first time asking whether he was a traitor.

    The star said it was the last chance to bring it up so he brought up the conversation that Paul had mentioned Harry had repeated what he said. Jaz said to Harry: "No? You 100% didn't tell him?"

    Harry responded: "You said that in the kitchen to me."

    Jaz said: "I called out Paul, he said Harry has told me that you Jaz think I'm the traitor. If you're not murdered people are gonna come for me. I'm thinking woah, that's so true but why would Harry go and do that?"

    Harry played it down, he said: "You're listening to a traitor who told lies anyway. When it came to the situation where I called Paul out, he was putting seeds out."

  • Will Evie persuade everyone she is faithful?

    Evie opened the roundtable trying to persuade everyone she is a faithful.

    Mollie admitted it was "hard" to believe her and Harry backed her. Evie pointed the finger at Andrew saying from Ross' reaction he was more likely to be a traitor. Andrew defended himself saying he couldn't help how Ross had responded.

  • The roundtable begins

    The roundtable is opened.

    Claudia Winkleman introduced the players to the game they know so well now. She said: "Players I hope you are prepared. This is your final roundtable."

    The TV host revealed the group now had a total of £95,150 to win. She explained the rules: "Remember if only faithful remain they split the pot. If only traitors left in your midst, they take it all. But first a banishment. I want you to remember why you are here. I want you to look around and think who can you trust, who can you not? For the very final time then players the floor is yours."

  • Harry is desperate to win the money

    Harry has set his heart on winning the money. The traitor said: "If something goes wrong now, I would be devastated."

    The British Army Engineer admitted he knows Mollie is truly trusting of him and he needs her to win the money. "I feel bad already," he said in a piece to camera.

    Mollie had no qualms telling him if he was a traitor that she would never speak to him again. She said: "I'd never speak to you again." Harry had tried to play it down saying he would say to her "fair play".

  • Harry is desperate to win the money

    Harry has set his heart on winning the money. The traitor said: "If something goes wrong now, I would be devastated."

  • The Traitors prize fund is just under £100,000

    The final five managed to add a total of £20,000 to the prize fund.

    This means they have just got nearly £100,000 to win. Now the group are heading to the roundtable to decide who is going to be banished and not going to win. Will the traitors or the faithfuls win?

  • Harry is seasick and vomits off side of boat

    Harry was vomiting off the side of the dingy when he clambered aboard with the other finalists.

    In a piece to camera he admitted, "I did not know I was actually seasick."

    Then they reached the ship where they had to get the sails up in order to win the money for the prize pot. Both Harry and Andrew were left feeling uwell and were struggling to help the group raise the sails on the boat.

  • Andrew says 'I thought I was going to die'

    The Traitors stars have to abseil - but Andrew admitted the challenge left him thinking he was going to die.

    Mollie was the first down, followed by Evie and Jaz. Andrew however was worrying that he wouldn't be able to do it before he had even begun to abseil. "I'm s***ing myself," he told the group. Harry tried to console him and spur him on with the challenge.

    Once Andrew had begun abseiling, he appeared nervous. "Can't get up," Andrew said. The star struggled as he abseiled down the rocks. In a piece to camera, he admitted: "I genuinely thought I was going to die." Harry shouted well done to Andrew for getting down the cliff ok.

  • Extra £5,000 already

    The five finalists have already got two decanters meaning if they complete the mission they have added an extra £5,000 to the prize fund, as well as the £10,000 for raising the sail.

    Will they compete the mission?

  • Extra £10,000 up for grabs

    There is definitely £10,000 up for grabs.

    If they manage to raise the sail on the ship, they will add £10,000 to the prize pot of £75,150. There are detours along the way which can win them more money.

    Harry suggested that they go ahead for all the detours to win as much money as possible.

  • Final five fly in helicopters

    The final five are flying high in a helicopter as they head to the mission.

    They were on cloud nine when they stepped off the helicopter. "That was amazing!" Exclaimed Andrew.

    "That was just the beginning," Claudia Winkleman told them before introducing them to the major challenge.

  • Will Jaz speak up about his suspicions of Harry?

    Jaz is unsure whether to play his cards about Harry.

    The star - who has been dubbed Jazatha Christie - has suspicions that Harry could be a traitor. "I don't know," he said in a piece to camera, as he admitted that he was unsure whether to tell the rest of the faithfuls what he knows.

    Paul, who was a traitor, had confronted Jaz about Harry repeating something he had said. The only reason in Jaz's mind that Harry would have repeated his suspicions of Paul to him direct was if they were both traitors. Jaz is right but will he have the courage to speak up?

  • Evie in tears

    Evie broke down in tears as she fears she could be the next banished.

    Having voted for Jasmine and she turned out to be a faithful, Evie now is feeling the heat. She confided in Mollie about her feelings. She said: "Yeah I'm feeling it. Like I know everyone is going to be talking about it. I put my neck on the line last night. I was confident Jasmine was a traitor and I f***ed myself anyway."

  • Claudia Winkleman reveals staggering prize fund is at £75,150

    There is everything to play for as there is £75,150 to win.

    The group will have the opportunity to win more money in the final mission. Claudia Winkleman greeted the group at breakfast and she revealed the total money up for grabs so far. She said: "This really is the breakfast of champions."

    She added: "Are you ready for the mission of missions? It is massive but remember you as a team you are unbeatable."

  • The Traitors final breakfast

    It is the final breakfast but the five contestants know no one has been murdered. Andrew and Harry are the first down to breakfast before the three faithfuls join them to eat.

    In a piece to camera, Andrew confessed it has been a struggle being a traitor. He said: "I've struggled to be honest, I really didn't think I would. I did doubt myself. It's a game at the end of the day."

    Andrew revealed he would like to win and that he could see himself setting up a business around mental health. He added: "Of course the money is important."

  • Where is The Traitors filmed and can you stay there?

    The castle where The Traitors is filmed. (Studio Lambert)
    The castle where The Traitors is filmed. (Studio Lambert)

    The Traitors has taken us all by storm and the stunning location has become a bit of a focal point in its own right.

    The programme’s UK and US versions are actually both filmed in the same place, with the American players jetting over to shoot the show. So where is it? And can we book a stay there?

    The Traitors is actually filmed in Ardross Castle, which is in the Scottish highlands. The 19th century Baronial-style castle is located north of Inverness and is not too far from the River Alness.

    The current owners bought the estate in 1983 and have worked to restore it to its former glory.

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  • How to win The Traitors, according to psychologists

    The finalists on The Traitors. (BBC)
    The finalists on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

    Delving into the mind games at play in The Traitors are Dr Clea Wright, Professor Lisa Oakley and Dr Kevin Hochard, from the psychology team at the University of Chester. The trio launched a podcast called Psychology of… The Traitors, with each 30-minute episode unpicking the thoughts and actions of the players every week.

    They sat down with Yahoo UK to talk about which players have strategic expertise, the fine line between confidence and overconfidence, and what kind of mindset you need if you are chosen to participate in the third series of The Traitors.

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  • Is it better to be a Traitor or a Faithful? Here's what Yahoo readers think

    Paul, Ash, and Harry were the original Traitors in the latest series, but only one of them remains in the final. (BBC)
    Paul, Ash, and Harry were the original Traitors in the latest series, but only one of them remains in the final. (BBC)

    Yahoo UK's poll of the week lets you vote and indicate your strength of feeling on one of the week's hot topics. After 72 hours the poll closes and, each Friday, we'll publish and analyse the results, giving readers the chance to see how polarising a topic has become and if their view chimes with other Yahoo UK readers.

    Which is the more fulfilling role on BBC's The Traitors: A Traitor or a Faithful? Here's what viewers think.

    It received 707 votes and showed 49% of Yahoo readers would rather compete in the show as a Traitor.

    Some 43% of voters said they would rather be a faithful, with just 8% saying they were unsure.

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  • How does the ending of The Traitors work?

    Claudia Winkleman and two of the traitors
    The Traitors final is going to be explosive. (BBC)

    The time has come. After a month of the best TV imaginable, The Traitors ending is upon us. Tonight we will find out whether the Faithful can hold on to the jackpot, or whether that cash will go to the Traitors instead.

    But there are a few things that need to happen before Claudia Winkleman and The Traitors cast can leave the castle behind. And with The Traitors viewing figures even higher this year, you might not have seen the unique endgame before.

    So let's dive in and explain what's ahead of us as the best reality TV series in years comes to an end.

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  • 'The Traitors should win every award going, but please don't make a celebrity version'

    Claudia Winkleman on The Traitors
    What is going to happen on The Traitors? (Studio Lambert)

    Our TV critic Ian Hyland shares his verdict ahead of the final:

    It’s finally here, so I suppose I should say Happy Traitors Final Day, everyone!

    Of course, what I actually mean is Happy Spending The Whole Day Proudly Predicting Exactly What Is Going To Happen In The Final Of The Traitors Even Though No One Has A Clue Really Day, everyone!

    I’m not going to tell you to stop wasting your time though. We all know that coming up with wild theories as we count down the hours is half the fun. And we all know that there is zero point in fighting it. Once The Traitors has you in its grip you are in it until the bitter — or possibly happy — end.

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  • The Traitors odds as clear favourite to win could 'break hearts' in final

    Harry could break hearts in The Traitors final. (Studio Lambert)
    Harry could break hearts in The Traitors final. (Studio Lambert)

    Harry remains the favourite to win The Traitors in tonight's final - which is hosted by Strictly's Claudia Winkleman, according to the bookies.

    The star has been the favourite to win the show since his epic takedown of fellow traitor Paul. Now only five remain in the competition.

    Suspicion has barely fallen on the British Army Engineer, from Slough, who has made firm friends among the faithfuls. Only Jaz, dubbed "Jazatha Christie" for his detective skills, has an inkling that Harry could actually be a traitor.

    Read the full odds of The Traitors here.

  • Who is in The Traitors final?

    Evie, Harry, Mollie, Claudia Winkleman, Jaz, and Andrew - The Traitors S2 finalists. (BBC)
    Evie, Harry, Mollie, Jaz, and Andrew are in final of The Traitors (BBC)

    There are five contestants left in The Traitors murder mystery TV game: Harry, Andrew, Jaz, Mollie and Evie.

    Harry and Andrew are the last two traitors standing in the final, hoping to lie and deceive their way to the prize fund. Jaz, Mollie and Evie are the remaining faithfuls who only have a hope of winning if they get rid of Harry and Andrew.

    As a group, they can choose to end the game at any time tonight when they are confident that the traitor or traitors have been banished. The faithfuls are not aware of how many traitors are left in the game. Jasmine was the last to be banished in the semi final, revealing she was a faithful.

    More about the final five The Traitors contestants here.

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