Travel updates: 'We won't be treated like a leper colony' – Italy's foreign minister warns

Annabel Fenwick-Elliott
italy - istock

Italy’s Foreign Minister has urged that the country will not be treated like a “leper colony” as he promises foreign tourists will be welcome this summer.

Luigi Di Maio warned other countries not to shut out Italians as holiday destinations begin to plan for the summer season and lockdown measures are eased. Greece and Bulgaria are among those to publish lists of nations that will be permitted to visit in the coming months, both of which exclude Italy and the UK.

“We do not accept blacklists,” wrote Di Maio on Facebook today. “If anyone thinks they can treat us like a leper colony, then they should know that we will not stand for it.”

Di Maio is both keen for Italian tourists to be welcome abroad and foreign visitors to return to its popular destinations. New infections and fatalities in Italy have fallen steadily in May and the government has confirmed it will continue with plans to lift restrictions on both foreign travel and movement between Italy’s regions from June 3

Di Maio is expected to plead Italy’s case to not be excluded from quarantine lists as he insists, “We have always acted responsibly and transparently and we will continue to do so. That is precisely why we expect respect.” 

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