Travelers say Qatar Airways has the best business class, thanks to its QSuite with sliding doors and double beds: See inside

  • Skytrax has named Qatar Airways the world's best airline for business class for nearly a decade.

  • Introduced in 2017, the QSuite sports industry-first double beds and fan-favorite sliding doors.

  • Qatar is expected to unveil an updated "QSuite 2.0" later this year.

Every year, the aviation ranking website Skytrax compiles and analyzes thousands of customer satisfaction surveys to determine the best of the best among some 350 airlines.

Qatar Airways stole Singapore Airlines' crown as the 2024 world's best airline this year. It was also named the best airline for business class for the ninth time since 2014.

The win is no surprise given Qatar's reputation for luxury at the front of the plane.

Qatar revolutionized premium flying when it introduced its famous QSuite, its first suite-style business class with fully closing doors. Several cabin layouts are possible, too, including first-of-its-kind double beds and quad-seating.

QSuite was an industry-changing design that raised the bar for premium seating worldwide.

Other airlines, like Air India and British Airways, have since adopted their own hotel-like cabins and multi-person seats.

Still, it appears travelers prefer the original — and Qatar is evolving it even further with the unveiling of its "QSuite 2.0" later this year.

Qatar has equipped all of its Airbus A350-1000s, some of its Airbus A350-900s, and most of its Boeing 777s with the QSuite.

Qatar Airways QSuite business class 777-300ER
Qatar Airways QSuite comes with linens like pillows and blankets.David Slotnick/Business Insider

Qatar's narrowbody planes don't have QSuite, nor do its Boeing 787 Dreamliners or Airbus A380s, though the mammoth quad-jets have an inflight lounge and bar.

Without major changes, QSuite wouldn't fit on the narrower Dreamliners, so Qatar created a different version. The 787s sport a 1×2×1 business class with sliding doors and similar soft products but without the QSuite's versatility.

The seat comes with the regularly expected business-class perks, including a giant television, power, gourmet meals, and storage.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Q Suite IFE
The door is fully closeable.David Slotnick/Business Insider

QSuite food is rated the region's best, and it won Skytrax's 2024 Best Business Class Onboard Catering in the Middle East award.

Qatar's business class is also staffed with specially-trained flight attendants, though the airline's entire crew earned praise this year for being named the best cabin crew in the Middle East by Skytrax.

Its 1x2x1 configuration means there are no middle seats and every passenger can get up as they wish.

Qatar Airways Airbus A350 1000 Farnborough
The QSuite on a Qatar A350 displayed at the Farnborough Airshow.Business Insider/David Ibekwe

This freedom has become the standard in airline business class, though a few outliers, like Air India and Germany's Lufthansa, still fly some cramped planes without direct aisle access.

The latter, however, has recently introduced a new and improved "Allegris" business class on its widebody planes.

However, the seat is award-winning for its convertible beds, quad-seating, and privacy.

Qatar's QSuite on display at a 2017 trade show in Berlin.
Qatar's QSuite on display at a 2017 trade show in Berlin.ullstein bild/Contributor via Getty Images

In order, Singapore, All Nippon Airways, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific were the other top five winners behind Qatar.

Delta was number eight, while United was number 17. American didn't make the list.

Qatar's QSuite was the first airline business class with a double bed.

Qatar Airways QSuite business class double bed
Qatar is one of the few airlines in the world with double beds in business class.David Slotnick/Business Insider

The bed is created by combining two lie-flat seats into one, and closing both privacy doors creates a small pod — making it perfect for families and couples.

Big beds on airplanes are rare, meaning Qatar has a special edge helping it draw in customers willing to pay for the space.

Qatar QSuite.
The QSuites come with linens, an amenity kit, pajamas, and slippers.Taylor Rains/Business Insider

Singapore has refreshed its Airbus A380 business class with seats that combine into a double bed. It also offers double beds in its first-class suite, and Etihad Airways does in its three-room "The Residence."

Cabin designer Ameco was shortlisted for the Crystal Cabin Awards for its concept of a double bed — but as a sleep option for economy.

The QSuite's versatility also draws customers, especially since it uniquely accommodates up to four people in one conjoined space.

The QSuite quad dining setup on a Boeing 777.
The QSuite quad dining setup on a Boeing 777.AFP Contributor/Getty Images

Qatar has several seating configurations.

Next to the window, there are front-facing and rear-facing single seats. The center section has double suites and four-person spaces, though they can also be used individually and blocked off by raising a middle divider.

The quad-seating is achieved by dropping the partition between two rear-facing and two front-facing center seats. It's good for families or colleagues traveling together who need to work, meet, dine, play games, or watch a movie together.

This multi-person seating has gained traction, with more business class buddy seats popping up across the industry.

The Mint Suite.
JetBlue Airways Mint Studio has space for two people to sit.Jordan Parker Erb/BI

JetBlue Airways has offered a second seat in its Mint Suites for years, while Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and German leisure carrier Condor also offer the option.

Air New Zealand is adding a companion seat to its new Business Premier Suites cabin launching next year.

Sliding doors like Qatar's have become the most noticeable new business-class trend.

The door closed completely for each Qsuite.
The door closes completely for each Qsuite.Rachel Dube/Business Insider

Doors revolutionized privacy. JetBlue Airways and Delta Air Lines were among the first to offer this feature when their Mint and Delta One suites launched in 2014 and 2017, respectively.

Delta is the only Big 3 airline to offer doors in business class, but American will join once its new door-equipped Flagship Suites debut later this year. United's Polaris business class remains door-free.

Carriers, including Air France, British Airways, All Nippon Airways, and Malaysia Airlines, have all added privacy doors.

The view of the Club Suite cabin with doors closed.
A view of British Airways door-equipped Club Suite.Taylor Rains/Business Insider

The list continues: Air India, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and Cathay Pacific Airways have added the perk.

Notably, five-star carriers Singapore and Emirates lack sliding doors in business but offer them in first-class suites.

For US-originating travelers looking for a QSuite, Qatar flies it between Doha and seven cities.

Qatar QSuite
One of the window seats in the QSuite.Taylor Rains/Insider

According to Qatar's website, the QSuite flies nonstop to New York-JFK, Chicago O'Hare, Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Washington Dulles, Los Angeles, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Boston.

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