Travelling to Spain? Beware of hefty 600 euros fines for taxis mistake, warns Foreign Office

Drivers on the road
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/RooM RF)

Holidaymakers jetting off to Spain are being warned about a taxi regulation that could result in substantial fines.

Strict Spanish laws require all taxis or private hire vehicles to be properly registered. However, many tourists might not know that using an unlicensed taxi service could lead to fines of up to 600 euros for the passengers.

The Foreign Office has issued advice urging travellers to only use official and licensed taxis or transport services. Their website states: "Only use official registered or licensed taxis, or reputable transport companies you recognise. Licensing regulations differ across Spain and in certain cities pre-booking is required."

It also cautions: "Passengers caught using unlicensed taxi services are liable for fines of up to 600 Euros. Make sure you book your taxi or airport transfer through a licensed firm."

Travel experts from GoGuides have pointed out that legitimate taxis in Spain should have a visible meter. They advise against accepting rides from drivers who offer a set price because their meter is supposedly broken, or those who may take longer routes to hike up the fare, reports the Mirror.

Their guidance is straightforward: "Check that the meter is switched on before entering the taxi. If the driver claims that it's not working, decline politely and find another taxi. You can call your hotel to get an estimated cost of the trip to avoid getting overcharged."