Trudeau Shouts 'Glory to Ukraine' During Photo Shoot at Ukraine Peace Summit

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shouted “slava Ukraini!” or “glory to Ukraine,” during a photo shoot with delegates from around the world at the Summit on Peace in Ukraine on June 15 in Nidwalden, Switzerland.

This footage, captured by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (FDFA / SRG-SSR), shows leaders standing shoulder to shoulder as cameras are heard snapping photos. Trudeau can be heard shouting “slava Ukraini!” and voices respond shouting, “heroiam slava!” or “glory to the heroes.”

According to FDFA, Switzerland invited over 160 delegates from around the world to join the first “Summit on Peace in Ukraine” at Ukraine’s request. The department said the aim of the two-day summit was for leaders to develop a “common understanding of a path towards a just and lasting peace in Ukraine.” Credit: FDFA / SRG-SSR via Storyful

Video transcript

S v Ukrajini.

je Ja.



Pa v Ukrajini.

je S v Ukrajini.

je Ja.


ja Pa v Ukrajini.