TV tonight: dramas from the Black Lives Matter frontlines

Phil Harrison, Ali Catterall, Hannah J Davies and Paul Howlett
·2-min read

Unsaid Stories

9pm, ITV

Stripped across the week, these four short dramas explore various aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement. We begin with Jerome Bucchan-Nelson’s Generational in which Oliver (Nicholas Pinnock) catches his daughter Justina (Yasmin Monet Prince) sneaking out of the house. The usual fatherly concerns evaporate when he discovers she is attending a protest march. But they are replaced by another set of anxieties: will Justina be safe? And does she understand the battles fought on similar ground by previous generations? Phil Harrison

Munch from the Munch Museum

7pm, Sky Arts

In 2013, a century-and-a-half after the death of Edvard Munch, Norway celebrated his anniversary by staging Munch 150: displaying 220 of his remarkable paintings; only one of which much of the world actually recognised on sight. Here is a behind-the-scenes of the exhibition, and a closer look at the artist. Ali Catterall

Once Upon a Time in Iraq

9pm, BBC Two

This superb series has put faces and names to the carnage of post-2003 Iraq and has been all the more affecting for it. We conclude with the long tail of the war: after emigrating to Canada, musician Waleed tells of returning to a different country in 2012, with divisive politics allowing extremism to gain a foothold. PH

The Yorkshire Jobcentre

9pm, Channel 4

A chirpy account of unemployment, filmed before the economic implications of Covid-19 became obvious. The care demonstrated by staff as they nudge clients back towards work is impressive. Hopefully, they are still smiling as they approach the most demanding spell of their working lives. PH

Perry Mason

9pm, Sky Atlantic

The trial is reaching its conclusion and so is this reimagining of the noirish detective serial. It has been thoroughly enjoyable – Matthew Rhys has located precisely the right balance between dry wit and shoulder-slumped disillusion. With a second series commissioned, will Mason tie up the loose ends? PH

Stockton on My Mind

9pm, Sky Documentaries

HBO’s documentary about Michael Tubbs, a 26-year-old black man who was elected mayor of Stockton in California on the night of Trump’s 2016 victory. Have his policies – among them universal basic income for randomly selected residents – improved a city blighted by poverty? Hannah J Davies

Film choice

Predestination (Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig, 2014), 11.50pm, Sony Movies
Ethan Hawke reunites with the Spierig brothers (Daybreakers) for another bloodthirsty fantasy. Based on a Robert A Heinlein story, it has Hawke as a time-travelling agent hunting a serial killer, the Fizzle Bomber, in a hallucinogenic adventure concerning the “predestination paradox”. Paul Howlett

Live sports

Snooker: The World Championship, 10am, BBC Two
More tense green-baize action.

Europa League football, 7pm, BT Sport 1
Action from the quarter-finals of the long-delayed tournament.

NBA: Phoenix Suns v Oklahoma City Thunder, 7.30pm, Sky Sports Main Event
From the Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.