TV tonight: Joanna Lumley takes to the sky with the human swan

Joanna Lumley and the Human Swan

9pm, ITV

All hail our husky-voiced national treasure, whose wide-eyed enthusiasm for meeting “the human swan” – AKA paramotorist and conservationist Sacha Dench – is the reason for that warm, fuzzy feeling growing deep within as you watch. Dench proves herself to be equally iconic, zipping around Britain, encouraging people to tackle the climate crisis. As Lumley joins her (behold: she takes flight at one point) they encounter climate threats and the good people fighting against them. Wholesome content. Hollie Richardson

The Political Slot

7.55pm, Channel 4

A week of brief but punchy state-of-the-nation political pronouncements from representatives of all Britain’s big parties. We begin with Conservative Festus Akinbusoye, the Bedfordshire police and crime commissioner, who will discuss community policing. Tomorrow, Labour’s Bridget Phillipson on the party’s ideas for the post-Covid, post-Brexit economy. Phil Harrison

Save Money: My Beautiful Green Home

8pm, ITV

The heavily sponsored series spotlighting UK eco-build projects wraps up. Host Ranvir Singh heads to Cambridgeshire to see how a 1960s house is being revamped into an energy-efficient home while design expert Kunle Barker channels his inner Bond villain by visiting an underground lair. Graeme Virtue

The Outlaws

9pm, BBC One

As the club of law-breaking misfits start to form friendships, we learn more about the personal demons that brought them to community service – providing some genuinely tender moments. But watch out for an “intimate” closeup of Stephen Merchant at the start, filmed to make you wince. HR


9pm, Sky Atlantic

With sibling rivalry intensifying, Kendall’s behaviour is becoming more erratic (one TV host describes it as “a severe case of what doctors call caucasian rich brain”). Meanwhile, Logan summons his arsenal as the FBI closes in on Waystar, and Tom makes him a potentially life-altering offer. HR

Frankie Boyle’s New World Order

10pm, BBC Two

Frankie Boyle’s attempt to make sense of current affairs via comedy returns at a time when the state of the world offers plenty of perplexing material. The deadpan comedian is joined by a panel of celebrities to take on the week’s biggest stories through standup, debate and audience participation. Henry Wong

Live sport

Snooker: English Open 12.45pm, Eurosport 1. Day one from Milton Keynes.