Two London neighbours are locked in a passive aggressive parking war

The passive aggresive notes were left on the driver’s windscreen (Reddit)

Two residents in a London neighbourhood are locked in a battle of passive aggressive parking notes after struggling to find decent space for their cars.

The driver who initiated the written warfare in Haringey, North London, became enraged after noticing that his neighbour had parked over two spaces.

‘Your selfish inconsiderate parking is atrocious’, he scribbled, leaving a note attached to the offending vehicle’s windscreen.

He then accused the other driver of ‘wasting space’ by parking in the middle of two bays.

But when the car owner returned to their vehicle they didn’t take too well to the note – and opted to fire back with their own passive aggressive message, which has been posted on Reddit.

The driver responded after the first note was left on his windscreen (Reddit)

‘To whoever put the note here and the one before that, has it ever occurred to you that I might have parked very considerately behind a car in the only space provided and that subsequently the other cars moved away leaving my a car where it was?’, the owner of the parked car wrote.

‘From now on, please take note: I always park as considerately as I am able to in the space there is’,

He added: ‘Kindly stop putting passive aggressive notes on my car.

‘PS. If you had the courtesy to let me know which house you are in, I could have explained this in person.’

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It also seems that he’s willing to take it beyond a passive aggressive feud too – stating that he wants to talk to the person initially responsible for leaving the note.

‘If you would like to have a civilised discussion about this instead of making me feel like I am being harassed by an unseen stranger, please drop by, or at least drop a note in my door letting me know which door I can post a response into, instead of making me feel like I have a primary school feud’, he wrote.

It is yet to be revealed if the pair have since met.