Watch video of bungling burglars caught staring into CCTV cameras in elderly woman’s home

A pair of bungling burglars were caught red-handed on CCTV after breaking into an elderly woman’s home.

Even thought the thieves tried to cover their tracks by stealing the cameras, the footage had already been backed up to a central database.

The security system was rigged up in the home of the 83-year-old victim.

The burglars broke into her home by smashing open a key box at the front of the property before letting themselves in and telling the woman they were from the gas board.

The two burglars were caught on CCTV (Picture: SWNS)
The two burglars were caught on CCTV (Picture: SWNS)

One of the intruders was filmed roaming around the kitchen of the home in Ragley Drive, Sheldon, Birmingham, after breaking in at 11am on Monday.