Two Traitors stars announce new career move after series success

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-Credit: (Image: BBC)

After shooting to success on the hit BBC One reality TV series The Traitors, two of the stars of the second series are joining together in a new career move. Harry Clark, who won the series by successfully fooling his fellow contestants, and Paul Gorton, who was actually betrayed by Harry in the show, are launching a new podcast.

In their new true crime podcast, Harry And Paul Are Devious, they put their secretive scheming skills to the ultimate test. The duo will bring listeners real crime fails that will send heads into hands and the boys into hysterics. For the latest TV & Showbiz news, sign up to our newsletter.

Discover cringe-worthy blunders, like 24-year-old thief Christopher Wallace who posted his hiding location on Snapchat, or the gang member who purchased ten luxury cars the day after executing the biggest robbery in Brazilian history. The devious double act is brimming with fool-proof ideas that these criminals missed.

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From art heists to diamond robberies, and sports cheats to police chases, these daydreaming devils tear apart the idiotic reasons behind blundered crimes and imagine all the ways they could have gotten away with it. Harry And Paul Are Devious will launch on all podcast providers on Wednesday, July 3 and episodes will be released every Wednesday.

The pair met on The Traitors when both were picked by host Claudia Winkleman to be traitors. They worked very well together for most of the series, easily fooling everyone, however, ultimately Harry betrayed Paul to stay in the game and win the £95,000 cash prize.

Other popular cast members from the second series were Diane and Andrew Jenkins, who is from Wales, and who has recently candidly opened up about his mental. You can read more, here. Want less ads? Download WalesOnline’s Premium app on Apple or Android.