Uber has had its licence revoked and people aren't happy

Uber’s existing licence runs out on 30 September. (Getty)

TfL has revoked app-based taxi company Uber’s licence in London.

This means that, after 30 September when their current licence expires, they may no longer be able to work in the capital.

Uber is one of many taxi companies in the city, but with 3.5 million passengers taking a journey each year, it’s safe to say some backlash was expected.

The decision was based on a lack of ‘passenger safety’, according to a statement released by TfL. They claimed the California-based company has showed a lack of corporate responsibility for reporting serious crimes and ensuring all drivers were DBS checked.

However, the internet is far more concerned with how they’re going to get from A to B without Uber’s variety of lift-share options.

And while there are at least five other lift-share companies around in the capital, Londoners aren’t too impressed with the alternatives.

Under the Private Hire Vehicles Act of 1998 Uber is allowed to launch an appeal against the decision within 21 days and can continue operating ‘until any appeal processes have been exhausted’.

Many people were pleased to hear this news, but on the other hand, some were celebrating on behalf of black cab drivers.

And while TfL’s decision was based on apparent safety, people were quick to point out that knowing all of the details about their ride was a huge reason as to why they chose to use the company in the first place.


For the time being, the rest of us are just watching the reactions come in.


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