Olly Alexander issues UK Eurovision update after 'panic' on stage in semi final

Olly Alexander onstage during the London Eurovision Party 2024
Olly Alexander onstage during the London Eurovision Party 2024 -Credit:Getty Images

Olly Alexander has admitted to being 'thrown off' by a malfunction that happened during his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday night, as well as revealing the extent of what could have gone wrong when his mic pack fell off midway through his performance in the semi final.

In a break with Eurovision tradition, the UK did perform in the semi finals this year, after organisers decided to let the Big 5, also including France, Germany, Italy and Spain and host nation Sweden preview their songs to a packed audience in the Malmo Arena and to a huge TV audience around the world.

Olly joined Germany and Sweden in the line-up for Eurovision semi final 1, performing in between competing countries Ireland and Ukraine and, while viewers couldn't actually vote for him, Olly's performance quickly became a huge topic of conversation online. Fans were in firm agreement that the staging for his track Dizzy was next level and quite possibly the 'best ever' at Eurovision.

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However, it was a slightly different story when it came to the vocals, as concerned fans back in the UK argued that they were 'too shaky' and 'needed work' before Olly does go for votes both in Friday's jury final and the Eurovision final itself on Saturday evening.

It quickly became apparent, on a second glance, that Olly did suffer a very unfortunate blunder during his performance, with his mic pack coming unstuck and him then having to hold it for the rest of the track, while also still trying to do the choreography. As people continued to talk about what happened, Olly took to Instagram on Wednesday to say: "I performed, it was good; I had a slight...well, my mic pack fell out halfway through the performance3, so I had to catch it and it just kind of through me off."

He added that there were elements of his routine that he 'couldn't really do' as well as he'd liked to as he told fans: "I was stressed that my pack was going to fall off entirely and my in-ears would come out."

Many Eurovision lovers are confident Olly can get things back on track in time for his next performances and what happened on Tuesday hasn't dented his chances as much as some predicted, with him still in 11th in the odds, falling just one place from his standing before the semi final.