A UNIT Doctor Who spin-off is in the works starring Jemma Redgrave

Jemma Redgrave is returning as Kate Stewart in the spin-off credit:Bang Showbiz
Jemma Redgrave is returning as Kate Stewart in the spin-off credit:Bang Showbiz

A UNIT 'Doctor Who' spin-off is on the way starring Jemma Redgrave.

The 58-year-old star is set to reprise her role as head of scientific research Kate Stewart in the series based on the fictional military research organisation, UNIT.

The actress has played the role since 2012.

The spin-off comes from 'Doctor Who' showrunner Russell T Davies.

It's part of the Whoniverse, which is a deal struck up between the BBC and Disney+ to bring the world of 'Doctor Who' to global audiences.

Fans were first introduced to UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce) in 1968 when Patrick Troughton was Doctor.

Its purpose is to investigate and combat paranormal and extraterrestrial threats to Earth.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “Doctor Who has always featured strong women in positions of authority.”

Until then, fans can see Kate in a Christmas special later this year, which will introduce new Doctor, 30-year-old Ncuti Gatwa.

A monsters spin-off is also said to be in the works.

The Cybermen and Daleks will feature in a new programme devoted solely to the Time Lord's many enemies.

A source said in November: "Fans can expect to see Sontarans, Weeping Angels and Sea Devils in separate series showing what they get up to when the Doctor isn’t there to stop them, along with Daleks and Cybermen."

The BBC reportedly signed a huge deal with Disney+, leading the budget for 'Doctor Who' to be tripled to a whopping £10 million per instalment.

Meanwhile, 10th Doctor David Tennant, 51, was recently revealed to be returning for three specials for the cult classic sci-fi show's 60th anniversary celebrations.

Ncuti's predecessor Jodie Whittaker previously revealed she got teary every time she talked about her departure from 'Doctor Who'.

The 40-year-old 'Broadchurch' actress made her final outing as the Thirteenth Doctor in the 'Doctor Who' centenary titled 'The Power of the Doctor' - which is part of the BBC's celebrations to mark 100 years of broadcasting.

Jodie admitted she struggled to talk about her final scenes without getting emotional.

She told Empire magazine: "I cannot talk about it without crying. I've got to get better at this, because this is the next few weeks for me - talking about my regeneration."