Britain’s most married man Ron Sheppard is heartbroken after wife number NINE leaves him

Britain’s most married man has been left unlucky in love again after the woman due to be his ninth wife left him for someone else.

Ron Sheppard was left devastated after 28-year-old Cristel Lalec (pictured with him, above) walked out of his life before they could walk down the aisle.

The 69-year-old from Yeovil, Somerset, has been married on eight previous occasions and thought he had finally found his ‘forever wife’.

But he was left reeling after he walked into her room and found she had packed all of her things and left.

Ron Sheppard proposed to Cristel Lalec on New Year's Eve in 2015 (Picture: SWNS)
Ron Sheppard proposed to Cristel Lalec on New Year’s Eve in 2015 (Picture: SWNS)

And in a dramatic turn, the great-grandfather has reported his once future wife, who is from the Philippines, to the UK Border Agency.

He says he had previously been told by the Home Office that she couldn’t remain in the UK. He believes she is in another relationship.

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‘I’m devastated by this, I did everything for that girl and she does a runner, I feel like such a mug,’ he told the Daily Mirror.

‘We had no love life, nothing whatsoever because she insisted she was a committed Christian and did not believe in sex before marriage.

‘I respected that and hoped at least she would become my carer but she just became more distant.

‘She hated my Norman Wisdom impressions, she had no idea who he was. She’d just sit there with her earphones in taking selfies and I’d have to shout her name just to get her to look at me.’

Mr Sheppard said he sensed something was amiss when she lost her engagement ring and started going out more with friends.

Mr Sheppard married his first wife Margaret in 1966 (Picture: SWNS)
Mr Sheppard married his first wife Margaret in 1966 (Picture: SWNS)

He said: ‘A friend has told me she met another man since she has been here and is now with him. I am devastated beyond words.

‘I loved that woman with all my heart. But I thought it was for the best I phoned the police and the Border Agency just in case she was trying to stay illegally.’

After the couple met in Thailand two years ago, he said: ‘This one is real love. This is the last one. I promise.’’

At the time, Ms Lalec said she ‘knows what it looks like’ but insisted she was not using him to get a visa and remain in the UK.

Mr Sheppard got married for the first time in 1966, and despite his latest setback, believes he will get tie the knot a ninth time and that his true love is ‘still out there’.

He married his first wife Margaret when he was 19 in 1966 and they had two children before divorcing in 1968.

Mr Sheppard with his eighth wife, Weng (Picture: SWNS)
Mr Sheppard with his eighth wife, Weng (Picture: SWNS)

He married his second wife Jeanette in 1973 after meeting in a Kingston bingo hall, but it lasted only a year.

He and third wife Lesley married in 1976 and had two children during a five-year marriage.

In 1982, he married Kathy after meeting at a Pontins holiday camp and they had a daughter together.

He met his fifth wife Sue at a bingo hall and they married in 1986 and had two sons.

Mr Sheppard went 13 years without marrying before wife number six Usha came along in 1999 – they met in Singapore.

He met his seventh wife, Wan, in Bangkok in 2003, but she returned to Thailand after just eight months in the UK.

He married his eighth wife, Weng, from the Philippines, on the Isle of Wight in 2004 after meeting her online.