12 tweets that have come back to haunt Donald Trump

If there’s one thing Donald Trump is famous (infamous?) for, it’s his Twitter account.

Whether he’s threatening North Korea with references to its ‘little Rocket man‘; (wrongly) accusing Obama of wire-tapping him; attacking the media for yet another bout of ‘fake news’; or even giving the world a brand new word (covfefe), you can always rely on the US President to send the world into spasms in less than 140 characters.

In the one year it’s been since Trump has officially entered the White House, he’s certainly made his fair share of comments.

But what about before he was the leader of the free world?

It’s probably no surprise that Mr Trump’s old twitter game was just as controversial – and his critics have regularly used old posts to try and highlight his apparent hypocrisy now that he is in power.

From the likes of calling out Obama for his golf habit to making suggestive claims about Hillary Clinton’s immunity, maybe @realDonaldTrump should check his old tweets or refrain from Twitter entirely before publishing his next train of thought.

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