All upcoming Scotland Bank Holidays in 2024 to look forward to - full list

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With Scotland's latest Bank Holiday underway, many will be taking the time to relax, spend time with loved ones or get odd jobs done.

Some may also be wondering how many of these days off are left in the year to look forward to. They may be surprised to learn that there is only a handful of bank holidays scheduled for the rest of the year.

Falling on May 27 is the spring Bank Holiday and after this, there are four bank holidays left in 2024, according to the Scottish Government. These include the summer Bank Holiday, as well as St Andrews Day and both Christmas and Boxing Day.

These holidays are the same across Scotland and differ to public or local holidays, which are set out by local councils and can differ from place to place.

It's important to remember that not everyone is entitled to payments on bank holidays and some may still have to work that day. Those who are uncertain about this are advised to check such conditions with their employer.

There is no law that that requires banks or any other businesses to close on bank holidays. Banks in Scotland do not always close on Scottish bank holidays, which tend to close the same days as banks in England and Wales.

If a bank holiday falls on a weekend date, it will be carried over to a substitute week day - usually the following Monday.

Scots who have outdoor plans this Bank Holiday may want to reconsider, as forecasters have predicted a Monday of grim weather. With a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms in place over the northeast, those in affected areas could face flooding and travel disruptions, with 40mm expected in "a few hours".

Read below to see when each of the remaining bank holidays will fall in 2024.

Upcoming bank holidays in 2024

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Scotland's summer Bank Holiday will fall in August -Credit:Getty Images


Day of the week


5 August 2024



2 December 2024 (substitute day)


St Andrew's Day

25 December 2024


Christmas Day

26 December 2024


Boxing Day

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