Urgent warning to Tesco Clubcard holders with just days to go

A Tesco Express
A Tesco Express -Credit:Reach

Martin Lewis and his Money Saving Expert team have issued a crucial warning to Tesco Clubcard holders, alerting them that they have less than "two weeks" to take action before their vouchers expire. The consumer champion has previously shared a savvy tip on how to extend the life of these vouchers.

Mr Lewis advised: "Trick to extend your Tesco Clubcard vouchers which could be expiring soon." The MSE team highlighted the urgency, stating: "If you've got a Tesco Clubcard, check when your vouchers are due to expire as there are two weeks left to spend or extend nearly £17 million-worth before they run out on Friday 31 May."

They also pointed out that over £27 million in 'Reward Partner' codes vouchers exchanged for use at various third-party retailers are approaching their expiration date within the next four weeks. For those not ready to redeem their Clubcard points, MSE suggests an alternative: "Remember you'll need to extend your vouchers by 11.59pm on Friday 31 May."

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By making a nominal purchase on the Tesco Clubcard Rewards page, customers can manually exchange their points for vouchers or opt to have them converted with their next statement, reports Birmingham Live. The key is to spend as little as possible.

MSE recommends: "A good option might be a 50p restaurant voucher (worth £1 at your chosen restaurant)." Ashwin Prasad, Tesco's Chief Commercial Officer, chimed in on the seasonal aspect: "People across the UK will be looking forward to two Bank Holiday weekends in May and thinking about how they can make the most of them.

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"Tesco Clubcard holders can use the power of Clubcard to unlock all sorts of Bank Holiday fun, from saving on their shopping when they pick up their barbecue food, or to exchanging for 2x value with 100-plus Reward Partners, offering everything from fun days out for the family to meals out at some of the UK's most-popular restaurant chains.

"With millions of vouchers expiring at the end of this month, we are urging everyone to make the most of their Clubcard this May and check to see if any vouchers or reward codes are expiring."

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