Van driver in a pickle with police for carrying too much CHEESE

A van driver found himself in a bit of a pickle when he was pulled over by police for carrying too much CHEESE.

The driver of the transit van was stopped for having ‘excessive weight’ on board after road policing officers found its cargo of cheese was 41% over its legal weight limit.

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire road policing unit tweeted the dairy debacle, saying: “2nd Transit stopped for excessive weight 41% overweight with Cheese on board. Vehicle prohibited until 1280kg of cheese is removed (or eaten?).”


The problem was discovered in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire on Monday. Asked what happened next, police said the driver had unloaded what he needed to and brought a bigger van for the remainder.


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The situation sparked an outpouring of cheese-related puns on Twitter, with one user saying: “I don’t BRIElieve it!”, and a fellow police officer commending colleagues on a “grate stop”.

Other offered to help in disposing of the cheese by eating it, while police in Cheshire suggested their colleagues enlist the help of animated characters Wallace and Gromit.

(Top picture: Getty)