Vandals paint swastika on Labour councillor's boat

Councillor Cassi Perry found this swastika painted on her boat (Picture: Twitter)

A Labour councillor was shocked after she found a swastika painted on her boat when she returned home.

Councillor Cassi Perry, who lives in Banbury, uploaded a picture of the Nazi graffiti on Twitter on Friday, with the caption: “Came home to this sprayed on the side of my boat.

“Can I just say modern politics sucks. What the f*** is wrong with people?”

Councillor Perry, who represents Banbury Cross and Neithrop, later confirmed she had contacted the police and they had taken evidence from her home.

She added: ‘Police have taken statements and photos. They are concerned it might be linked to some online stalking I've experienced this year.

‘I'm hopeful it's just some kids being a***s. Self medicating with wine, chocolate and a movie.’

Councillor Cassi Perry has reported the incident to police (Picture: Twitter)

The incident came as Labour MP Gloria De Piero urged more women to come into Parliament as she announced she was one of 58 MPs stepping down from the Commons before the election on December 12.

Several female MPs have decided not to run for reelection partly as a result of toxic debate and threats they have received.


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Ms De Piero admitted she had had to take extra precautions to stay safe.

She said: “My mailbox is bombproof: there was a letterbox in my door, and it’s probably sensible that I don’t have that any more.

“I have an external mailbox, that’s bombproof. And I have good locks on my door, fitted by the parliamentary authorities.

“I’ve got a panic button as well, in my house – but I’m OK.” has contacted Councillor Perry for further comment.