Victoria Derbyshire becomes the latest broadcaster to make 'C' word slip-up about Jeremy Hunt

·TV Reporter, Yahoo Entertainment UK

Victoria Derbyshire has fallen foul of the sweary slip-up that has been plaguing broadcasters discussing Jeremy Hunt.

The TV host was talking about the Tory leadership battle when she made the embarrassing mistake during an episode of The Victoria Derbyshire Show.

Derbyshire accidentally replaced the first letter of the Foreign Secretary’s name with a ‘C’, leading to red faces all round.

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She said to Conservative MP Steve Brine, a guest in the studio: “You say the man you're backing... Jeremy C**t.

"I'm so sorry Jeremy Hunt. I've never said that before in my life.

"It's usually men who say that so I really really want to apologise. I'm sorry."

Derbyshire was referring to the ever-growing number of broadcasters who have made the same slip of the tongue while live on air.

The most recent was Nicky Campbell, who tripped over Jeremy Hunt’s name last week while discussing Donald Trump’s presidential visit to the UK.

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In 2010 BBC Radio 4 host James Naughtie called the then culture secretary "Jeremy C**t" live on the Today programme.

He later apologised, saying he “got into an awful tangle” and explained he mixed up the words 'Hunt' and 'Culture'.

Andrew Marr fell victim to the same tongue twister in 2010.

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Today programme presenter Justin Webb made a similar mistake in 2018, and former BBC China Carrie Gracie also referred to Hunt as “C**t” on television last year.

Sky News presenter John Craig has mispronounced Hunt’s name in the same unfortunate way on live TV more than once.

Other broadcasters to have made the same slip over Hunt’s surname include the Sky News health and science correspondent Thomas Moore, the BBC political journalist Ellie Price and the Sky anchor Claudia-Liza Armah.

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