"The Central Park Five", a gritty and critical true story

“The Central Park Five” is a documentary based on an assault and rape that took place in New York City’s Central Park on April 19, 1989. The victim was Trisha Meili. Five teenagers — four black and one Latino — were tried and convicted for the crime. After having spent between six and 13 years each in prison, a serial rapist confessed to being the real culprit.

Co-director Ken Burns, along with his daughter Sarah Burns and her husband David McMahon, unveiled their big-screen documentary “The Central Park Five,” as part of the American Film Institute Festival. Three of the “Five” wrongly convicted men were also there for the screening.

The film does not go into great detail about the pending federal lawsuit against New York City in which the five men and their families are seeking $50 million each in damages – a case that may involve the filmmakers, whose raw footage and outtakes have been subpoenaed.

“The Central Park Five”, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival will hit movie

theatres in the United States at the end of November.