Climate activists target Amazon on Black Friday

Climate activists targeted Amazon depots in Europe on Friday (November 26).

Members of the Extinction Rebellion group blocked access to one warehouse near London.

The move was timed to coincide with the Black Friday only shopping event.

Activists say it, and Amazon, are symbols of global overconsumption.

Banners read "Black Friday exploits people and the planet".

The group says Amazon has stoked rampant consumerism at the environment's expense.

In all 13 depots were targeted around the UK.

There were moves to blockade facilities in Germany and the Netherlands too.

Some labor organizations also called on warehouse workers to strike in protest over pay.

Germany's Verdi union said around 2,500 workers joined industrial action there.

Responding, Amazon said it took its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

The firm says it has committed to going net-zero on emissions by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris climate agreement.

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