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“Naître Père” (Born Father) is a French documentary about a gay couple who use a surrogate mother in the US in order to have a baby.

Delphine Lanson, the director, explained: “I made this film because I had just become a mother. I have a little boy who is now four years old, and I was extremely touched by the story of Jerôme and François, two men who had such a burning desire for a baby, and I wondered how that might happen. How did the surrogate mother feel? How was it organised? The web of human links in this adventure fascinated me. And I really wanted to follow the story which was so incredible. Very modern but also so timeless.”

Jerome spoke about how it has been: “The experience is above all a relationship with the surrogate mother because you’re there through the whole process, that’s quite something.”

Delphine Lanson said: “I think that there are certainly people who see it that way, but a huge majority of people don’t see it like that at all. Especially for Jerome and Francois, for people who see the film, they will tell you that the money paid to the surrogate mother really is only compensation for the months that she couldn’t go out to work. You can’t evaluate the gift these women give. They give life.”

Alexandre Urwicz, from ADFH, a same-sex parents groups, told us: “I was very moved because it was my story too. Because it was the story of many people in our association. You feel like it’s the same surrogate mother, the same family, the same situation, the same hospital. It’s incredible. It seems like that, even though you don’t know them. You say, yes it’s marvellous, it’s a fairy tale – but you know, that’s really what it is. It’‘s the truth and sometimes happiness can disturb people, happiness can worry them, and we’ve all lived that.”

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