NYC food banks take Thanksgiving to Sandy victims

Always at full stretch at this holiday time of year, New York’s volunteers have come out in a tidal wave of their own for Thanksgiving. They’re bringing some cheer to residents of Staten island, Long Beach, and all the other neighbourhoods destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

“I don’t know. Don’t feel like Thanksgiving to me. I got to thank God that we still all good, still all alive, but I don’t know how we’re going to do this, you know. I really don’t know,” said one resident.

Some people here are still without heat, power or water nearly a month after the storm. It is a little hard to take when you live just a short commute from Wall Street, or Fifth Avenue and its seasonal decorations.

“The worst is not being home, you know. Not being surrounded with your family, you know, but all we have to do is just move on. Keep on going,” said another person made homeless by Sandy, turning a chicken on an improvised spit over an outdoor campfire.

There is trouble ahead, however. With the worst of winter to come the city’s food banks report they are running short of supplies.