New York's $200 french fries

These are the world's most expensive french fries


What makes them so special?

Location: New York

(SOUNDBITE) (English) CORPORATE EXECUTIVE CHEF FREDERICK SCHOEN-KIEWERT, SERENDIPITY 3, SAYING: "Truffle, truffle and truffle inside these fries. So, in other words, here we have truffle oil, we have the fresh Black Summer Truffles. The mornay sauce, in other words, the cheese sauce is meant to be a dipping sauce, which is infused with truffles in a thousand different ways too. Truffle is the main star here."

The chef uses high-quality Chipperbec potatoes

which are fried in pure goose fat

and topped off with 23K edible gold dust

The dish is Serendipity 3's 10th Guinness World Record

SOUNDBITE) (English) CREATIVE DIRECTOR AND CHEF JOE CALDERONE, SERENDIPITY 3, SAYING: "Well, Serendipity is really a happy place. People come here to celebrate, to really escape the reality of life sometimes and have fun. And we're all about fun and we have been for almost 67 years."

"I mean, it's been a rough year and a half for everyone, and we need to have some fun now."

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