Viewers mock Piers Morgan for moaning about lack of sleep on 'GMB'

Piers Morgan moans about lack of sleep
Piers Morgan moans about lack of sleep

Piers Morgan moaned about getting just two hours sleep last night before having to present Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain (November 13).

The presenter was clearly in a mood as the morning show came on the air, explaining he was kept awake by “angst and fury.”

Morgan screwed up a piece of paper and threw it across the studio before proclaiming: “I only had two hours sleep last night.”

Co-host Susanna Reid jokingly replied: “Really? No one would have noticed.”
When asked why, he said: “I was just full of angst and fury.” But he didn’t explain what exactly had put him in such a mood.

Morgan also revealed on Twitter that he was relying on porridge and honey to help him get through the morning.

In response to a tweet from BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, who also claims to have had hardly any sleep last night, Morgan wrote: “Luxury.. I had 2.45hrs. Gone for the porridge & honey cure. On a positive note, I still look better than you.”

Viewers didn’t have much sympathy for Morgan, however, with one person telling the presenter to ‘get a grip’.

Some even mocked Morgan during an interview with Iceland’s managing director over their banned palm oil advert, claiming the guest ‘wiped the floor’ with the presenter due to his lack of sharpness.

Yesterday, Morgan was left shock by one guest’s use of language during a debate about self-identity.
Emile Ratelband, 69, appeared on ITV’s breakfast news show to talk about how he wanted to self-identify as 20-years-younger, but startled hosts Morgan and Reid with his foul-mouthed explanation.

Comparing his issue to people self-identifying their gender, he told Reid: “Imagine you’re a small girl, as beautiful as you are, and now you say, ‘I feel like a man, I want to have a d***’.”

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