Viewers praise Alex Skeel's bravery on 'Abused by My Girlfriend' documentary

Alex detailed the horrific abuse he endured from his girlfriend on the BBC Three documentary. (BBC Pictures)
Alex detailed the horrific abuse he endured from his girlfriend on the BBC Three documentary. (BBC Pictures)

A new BBC Three Documentary Abused by my Girlfriend has been praised by viewers for showing the shocking physical and mental abuse Alex Skeel suffered at the hands of his ex-girlfriend Jordan Worth.

“People always ask me why I didn’t just walk away…but it is complicated,” Skeel began at the start of the documentary.

Told through the words of Skeel and his friends and family, the timeline of his turbulent relationship with Worth is detailed.

Viewers were left heartbroken and many in tears as Skeel described how he almost died from his former partner’s abuse.

Skeel described how he was initially flattered by Worth’s attention, and when they met at 16, she was one of the first girls he’d ever properly talked to. They went on to have an intense relationship up until when they were 18 and she left him while pregnant with their first son TJ. But when TJ was just a few months old, they reconciled and moved in together.

When living together, Skeel explained how Worth began physically abusing him and isolated him from his friends and family. She bullied him into leaving his job, took control of his finances and then deprived him of food to the point of starvation and with only days to live.

Skeel describes how she forced him to take sleeping tablets, stabbed him with knives and poured boiling water on his back. He was even forced to rip out his own tooth after Worth forbid him from visiting the dentist.

After almost a year of abuse, his neighbours became suspicious and called the police. However, Worth told the police that Skeel was a self-abuser and out of fear, he confirmed her story.

But one young police officer, Sgt. Finn, was suspicious of their claims and returned to visit the couple. Here he discovered Skeel bloodied, extremely malnourished and using a football sock to cover his wrist wounds.

Once in hospital, he received operations to his head, brain and hands. Police told him and his family that he was approximately 10 days away from death.

In April 2018 Jordan Worth became the first woman to be convicted of controlling or coercive behaviour and was jailed for more than seven years.

Skeel is now a football coach and hopes his story of abuse will destigmatise men suffering from domestic abuse.

Abused by my Girlfriend is available to stream online on BBC iPlayer.

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