Viewers slate Cheryl's X-rated 'X Factor' performance

It was supposed to be Cheryl’s big return on Sunday night, as the former X Factor judge returned to the show performing her new single.

But her big music comeback, after a four year break, appeared to leave many viewers cold. Cheryl performed her song ‘Love Made Me Do It’ and it was deemed too raunchy and poorly performed by many.

The singer made a grand entrance dressed in a black leather top, hotpants and long leather boots. She began her performance by inexplicably licking her hand – which seemed to perplex several users on Twitter.

One viewer wrote on Twitter “Why did Cheryl just lick her hand?” and another “What was that lick about?”


Several viewers also poked fun at the fact that Cheryl’s performance is on X Factor – a singing talent competition.

She also appeared to sing live, which got a mixed response from viewers. Some demanded her to never sing live again, while others praised her bravery, especially considering coordinating it against her enthusiastic dance routine.

But it was Simon Cowell’s feedback that really got everyone talking. During her performance, Cowell simply asked fellow judge Louis Tomlinson “Is she alright?” as she rolled on the stage floor.

And while Cowell, Tomlinson and Field all gave Cheryl’s performance a standing ovation, stand-in judge and musical legend Nile Rodgers remained seated. And of course the people of Twitter took note of his alleged ‘snub.’

Sunday night’s X Factor saw two of Simon Cowell’s Girls go home – Shan and Bella Penfold.

X Factor continues on Saturday at 8.35pm on ITV.

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