Cheryl: My face has 'changed' since having son Bear

Laura Hannam
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    "My face has changed since having extensive botox and fillers."
    There you go, Cheryl - I've corrected it for you.
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    I can’t understand why people need to lie when they have obviously had surgery and changed the way they looked. It’s so ironical because before the surgery they look better and natural. After all the work they look a lot worse, clones of all the rest with fillers and surgery. Have some people seriously lost all concept of individuality. So sad.
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    Earlier I was wondering what cheeses to get in for Christmas. Now I'm wondering where David Bellamy went...
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    Cheryl love, it’s called plastic surgery.
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    Not a lot between her ears if she decided to call her son Bear?.!
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    Untapped Well
    My esteem for her changed when I found out she named her son “Bear”.

    Or it would have if I knew who she was. Doesn’t she have a surname?
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    Was good when we didn't hear from her but she now is wanting the publicity. I had two kids and my looks remain the same. That's a surgeon job, botox
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    That’s not weight gain from pregnancy. That’s surgery and you need to stop telling lies.
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    Like when old Renee Zellweger's entire facial bone structure changed due to 'happiness'....they must think we are as thick as them...
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    yeah right, she looks a mess, and as per usual in her comments, she cant string a sentence together without using expletives, so a good role model, NOT