Vin Diesel Teased The Return Of Paul Walker's Iconic Car In Fast 11, And Fans Are Here For The Nostalgia

 The main characters from The Fast and the Furious admiring the orange Toyota Supra in garage.
The main characters from The Fast and the Furious admiring the orange Toyota Supra in garage.

Last November marked 10 years since Paul Walker tragically died in a car crash. He’s still missed by many, including his daughter Meadow, who posted a touching photo back in February of the two of them together when she was a little kid. Vin Diesel, who starred opposite Walker in the first seven Fast & Furious movies, also does his part keeping his late friend’s memory alive. The most recent example of this is that the car most associated Walker’s character Brian O’Connor will seemingly appear in the next installment, Fast 11, and fans are loving this nostalgia infusion.

What Vin Diesel Said About Paul Walker’s Car

In 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, Brian O’Connor drove around in an orange Toyota Supra that he found in a junkyard and fixed up with Dominic Toretto’s crew. More than two decades after that movie launched this popular franchise, Diesel shared on Instagram that this car will be back for Fast 11, teasing the following in a video showing off this cool ride on set:

Another incredible day of shooting. For all of you who really, really who know the Fast & Furious franchise, you can only imagine what this car evoked… That was the first car I came across in this franchise, and needless to say it holds a special place in my heart. All love always.

At the end of The Fast and the Furious, Brian gave Dom the keys to the Toyota so they he could flee the authorities, as he owed him a ten-second car. Since the Toyota never appeared again, one could have assumed that Dom simply ditched it at some point. Quite the contrary, as evidently he stored the car for a rainy day, and 20+ years later, it looks like he’ll get it back on the road for Fast 11.

How Fans Responded To Learning The Car Will Be In Fast 11

While lot of cars have obviously been featured in the Fast & Furious franchise, this orange Toyota Supra is definitely among the most memorable, so a lot of fans were jazzed that it’s returning for Fast 11. Here are some of the positive comments that were posted:

  • No matter wha people say these movies got a special place in my heart and everyone else’s -2offical.dev_

  • Finally bringing it back! Now to bring back Paul’s GTR from Miami and it will be perfect 😍 -airforcegtr

  • Paul Walker AKA Brian always in our hearts 🙂🌷 -drakent_nz

  • We’re going to see dom pull up in that Supra in the last f&f how much yall wanna bet -killer.g35

  • Ahhhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️ yesssssss -fuelfest

  • Hell yes. It's about time it goes back to the cars not the action. -cgauger

Although Paul Walker is no longer with us, Brian O’Connor is still alive in the Fast & Furious world, as most recently shown by his car driving up to the Toretto household at the end of F9. Regardless of how the Toyota gets put back into play, I’d like to think that Dom told Brian about it still being around long ago, rather than Brian having to learn it wasn’t turned back into scrap or ended up in someone else’s hands long after the events of Fast 11.

We’ll see what kind of craziness the orange Toyota Supra gets looped into, whether it’s Dom behind the wheel or someone else, when Fast 11 opens in theaters sometime in 2026. The most recent movie, Fast X, can currently be streamed with an Amazon Prime Video subscription, and use the 2024 release schedule to learn what movies come out later this year.