Vinnie Jones marks 26th wedding anniversary to late wife Tanya with moving post

Amy Johnson
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Vinnie and Tanya Jones were married for 25 years before her death. (Photo by Charley Gallay/WireImage)
Vinnie and Tanya Jones were married for 25 years before her death. (Photo by Charley Gallay/WireImage)

Vinnie Jones has shared a series of throwback photos to mark the 26th anniversary of his marriage to late wife Tanya Jones.

The footballer-turned-actor's spouse passed away in July last year at the age of 53 following a long illness. The pair had been married since 1994.

Taking to Instagram on 25 June, Vinnie shared two pictures, one of himself holding his wife in a swimming pool as they gazed at each other and one of the pair smiling at the camera while sitting poolside.

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The 55-year-old wrote in the accompanying caption: "Today is our 26th Anniversary.

"I remember our honeymoon in Juan-Les-Pins ; a honeymoon of happiness from two children having fun in our not so torn rags, where do you go to my lovely, I think of you every night in my bed , are there diamonds and pearls still in your hair, I wish I could be buying you a racehorse for christmas and keeping it just for fun for a laugh ahaha.

"Just look into my face little Tans and i’ll remember just who you are, and i’ll go on and remember you forever because we will always have our beautiful star, deep inside yes we will. I know where you go to my lovely, when im alone in my bed, you know the thoughts that surround me, because you were always the only one that could look inside my head. xxx Vin."

Last October, Vinnie said he would "never be with anyone else" following his wife's death.

"She wouldn’t give me her blessing to meet someone else – I just know her. I can’t see it happening, I might have friends or whatever, I would be astonished if that happens," he said.

Back in 2013, Vinnie revealed he had been diagnosed with skin cancer as had Tanya, who reportedly also had battled cervical cancer.

The star recently spoke up in favour of an opt-out system for organ donation as he reflected on how Tanya's heart transplant at the age of 21 "saved his life" as well as hers.