Walking Dead Season 7 sneak peek reveals one survivor of Negan’s bat

We are now just a couple of weeks away from the return of The Walking Dead after one of the most divisive cliff-hangers in modern television. On October 24th we will all finally find out just who Negan took his bat to in the very last scene of series 6, and then at last the speculation will be over. AMC have tried their very best to stop anyone from finding out who meets a sticky end, but countless fans across the globe think they’ve got it worked out.

A new video released on the Fox’s YouTube channel has revealed one character who definitely won’t be having their brains splattered all over Negan’s dear Lucille. It’s now that time to make yourself scarce is you really want to go into season 7 completely cold and not know anything about who makes it through to episode 2 and beyond.

Final warning: here be spoilers!

Still here? Well the video below shows that it most certainly will not be Rick who meets his fate at the end of Negan’s spiky baseball bat. Well, duh many of you might say. Particularly as not only is Rick the hero, but series creator Robert Kirkman has also strongly suggested that The Walking Dead is really Rick’s story and it will end with Rick’s death. But now this clip absolutely confirms that Rick is not the man getting beaten to death by Negan and ‘taking it like a champ’.

So what else does the clip reveal? Well it also suggests that Rick is unsurprisingly not happy about the death of one of his friends and he unwisely threatens Negan with some future retribution. That doesn’t go down particularly well with Negan who then drags Rick into the motor home, probably for some sort of punishment.

Now if you’re still reading this, but you haven’t read The Walking Dead comics, this next bit of speculation might come as a surprise. So again, possible spoiler warning!

Negan has a hatchet on him when he drags Rick away. In the comics, Rick had his hand chopped off by The Governor a long time ago. Could this now be Negan’s punishment for Rick? Are we finally going to see Rick rendered almost completely ‘armless? Get it? ‘Armless?

The final clue in this clip relates to who Negan’s actual victim is. Negan suggests that he might have just killed Rick’s right-hand-man. Can we take that to mean that the victim is definitely a man, or is it more of a figure of speech? Would Negan be more likely to think that the bulky Abraham would be Rick’s right hand man, or could it be Glenn, Eugene, or heaven forbid, Daryl?

There’s only one way to find out, and the wait is almost over!

Here’s the sneak peek!

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