Watch: Angry commuter demands blind man to move guide dog on tube escalator

Shocking footage has captured the moment that an angry commuter demanded a blind man move his guide dog on a Tube escalator, with the scenes recorded on a collar attached to the animal’s collar.

Amit Patel, 37, who lost his sight five years ago after suffering a haemorrhage behind his eyes, was fronted by the middle-aged man on a escalator at London Bridge on Tuesday.

Mr Patel was seen standing on the escalator with guide dog Kika when the man suddenly fronted the pair and accused them of blocking his way.

As he navigated the escalator with a TfL worker, Mr Patel was confronted by the man in his late 40s who reportedly attempted to ‘barge’ his way down the escalator.

Mr Patel at home with Kika (Twitter)
Mr Patel at home with Kika (Twitter)

In a video posted on Twitter, the aggressive commuter is vocally condemned by other travellers who tell him that he is being ‘very inconsiderate’.

‘Moments like this are destroying, it really knocks my confidence. I will dwell on it all day, it just makes me think is society really like that?…It makes me feel like a little boy again’, Mr Patel told the Evening Standard of his ordeal.