Watch: Lamb Born With Seven Legs Killed By Flock Who Wouldn't Accept It

A mutant lamb who was born with several abnormalities has been killed by its own flock.

The newborn was born with a total of seven legs and two penises but the other animals apparently did not accept it.

Mutant: The lamb was born with seven legs and two penises (CEN)

Not accepted: The animal was killed by its flock (CEN)

Farmer Batyrbek Sulaymanov said: “I was shocked to find that the other animals had killed it.

“They simply didn’t accept it because it was so unusual and therefore trampled it to death.”

Sulaymanov said he was shocked when he went to assist one of his ewes that was giving birth and realised that the lamb he pulled out had more than four legs.

Abnormal: The farmer was shocked at the lamb’s extra features (CEN)

However, the animal was able to walk easily around his farm in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan, and appeared to be healthy apart from the three extra non-functioning legs.

Viewers who watched video footage of the farmer with the lamb instantly noticed the commercial properties of a seven-legged lamb, and dubbed it ‘Leg of Lamb’ before its death.