Watch live: King Charles tours ecovillage near Berlin on state visit to Germany

Watch live as King Charles III tours an ecovillage near Berlin as part of his state visit to Germany on Thursday, 30 March.

His Majesty, a keen envrionmentalist is being shown around Brodowin, an organic farm where almost all of its electricity is generated on-site through a solar energy system.

Produce at the 2,300-hectare farm is made according to strict organic standards.

Charles will be shown the cheese-making process at the farm and meet young trainees.

It comes after the King became the first British monarch to address German politicians from the Bundestag, while the parliament is in session earlier on Thursday.

Charles delivered a speech in German celebrating the close links between Germany and the UK on his first state visit to the country since becoming monarch.

"Since I first came to Germany when I was just 13, I have grown to become familiar with the different corners of this remarkable land. Like many British people, I have close personal ties here," the King said.

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