Watch: Shocking moment man gets mowed down by bus - but gets up and walks into pub

This is the extraordinary moment a man walked away almost completely unharmed when he was hit and nearly run over by a BUS.

Simon Smith, 53, was thrown down the street when the runaway double decker careered onto the pavement and ploughed straight into him.

The impact of his head hitting the windscreen shattered the glass, but he somehow got up from the pavement seconds later.

Astonishing CCTV footage taken at the scene shows Simon calmly walking into a bar moments after the shocking incident.

Daniel Fraifeld, 50, who co-owns the Purple Turtle bar, said: “I think he [Simon] pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked.

“He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries – but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises.

“He then got released from the hospital and I think he just went for a pint to relax.”

Simon Smith got up and walked away after being hit by the bus (SWNS)
Simon Smith got up and walked away after being hit by the bus (SWNS)

It’s not yet known what caused the bus to collide with Simon in Reading, Berks., shortly after 9am on Saturday.

It is also believed to have crashed into a bin before hitting a building and then the wall of St Mary’s Minister.

Pictures taken after the crash show the visibly-damaged bus surrounded by rubble after coming to a stop in the middle of the road.

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Council workers helped make the area safe after broken glass and bits of damaged bin and wall were left on the ground.

Staff from Reading Buses and a Reading Borough Council were also called to the scene.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: “We were called to a road traffic collision involving a bus and a pedestrian in Gun Street at 9.13am on Saturday.

Mr Smith later enjoyed a pint to relax after the accident (SWNS)
Mr Smith later enjoyed a pint to relax after the accident (SWNS)

“The ambulance was called to the scene. The road was closed for about two hours.

“No arrests have been made.”

A second person was also injured by debris and taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital for further treatment.

A spokesman from South Central Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 9.12am reporting a bus having hit a lamp post at the above location, and then taken down a shop canopy.”

Reading Buses has said it has launched an internal investigation.

The company is being chased for further comment.