Watch: 'Uber driver' steals pet parrot from park then returns it to be killed by fox

The colourful Macaw was being free-flown in the historic London nature reserve
The colourful Macaw was being free-flown in the historic London nature reserve

A man stole a pet parrot from a London park then returned it to be killed by a fox.

Sattar Abdul, 44, from Essex, was found guilty of the theft of the Macaw from Richmond Park, a nature reserve and London's largest green space.

At around 8pm on June 20, 2022, the parrot was stolen and put into a car outside Sheen Gate in the park, where the birds were being free-flown.

A video released by Royal Parks Police on Twitter shows the animal appearing distressed in the car, which was reportedly an Uber taxi.

Royal Parks Police, a Metropolitan Police unit, said: "Mr Abdul claimed that a free flying Macaw flew into his vehicle as it was unwell.

"The Macaw, named Sura, was taken back to Mr Abdul’s home in Essex whilst the owner was looking for her."

Mr Abdul was "unable to care for Sura" and he returned her to Richmond Park the following day, the police said.

Upon the return to the park of the pet Macaw, a long-tailed and colourful New World parrot, was killed. Police said "it is believed she was killed by a fox".

Its owner is "very distressed at losing her", Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard on Jan 27.

Mr Abdul received a four week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and ordered to pay £2,000 in compensation. He was also given 200 hours of community service.

PC Riggs, the investigating officer, said: "We are pleased with the conviction, but our thoughts are with Sura’s owner who has lost an irreplaceable friend."