The EU 'could get rid of British Summer Time' as Finns push for change

Could Big Ben soon be ringing out a different time Rex
Could Big Ben soon be ringing out a different time Rex

The EU is debating scrapping moving the clocks forward in summer – with a new report suggesting that the change has ‘negative effects on human health’.

The move would affect all member states, including Britain.

British Summer Time is mirrored in every country across Europe, with clocks moving forward an hour during the summer months.

It’s controversial in countries such as Finland, which is so far north that the change has little benefit in terms of hours of daylight.


A petition in the country has meant that Parliament debated the issue, and the country will now raise the issue at a meeting of EU ministers.

An EU-wide directive means that no member state can scrap daylight saving time alone.

EU politicians are already preparing to debate scrapping ‘summer time’, after impact assessments showed ‘negative effects on human health, agriculture and road traffic safety’.

A motion filed in late January highlights ‘citizen concerns’ about the clock change.

The new motion, tabled by MEP Karina Delli says that, ‘Numerous scientific studies… have failed to provide proof of any positive effects of the biannual clock change’.

If the EU scrapped it, Britain would also do so, as long as Britain stays in the EU and/or mirrors EU rules.