Watch: Villagers risk their lives as they feed water to thirsty king cobra

This is the terrifying moment that a group of kindly villagers in India risked their lives as they gave water to a thirsty king cobra.

The 12ft snake, which is usually known to avoid humans, slithered into the Kaiga township in south-western India as it desperately attempted to find water during a drought.

But far from being terrified by the beast, the villagers instead banded together to provide it with water.

Footage shows one man pouring a bottle of water over the snake’s head as it guzzles the liquid.

The snake came to the village in search of water (Picture: Caters)

However, he is fully aware that the snake could turn at any moment – and holds a snake catcher in order to grab the creature if things turn nasty.

At the same time, his friend is seen holding the cobra’s tail to prevent it from launching a deadly attack.

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 After being provided, the snake was later taken to a rescue facility where it remains in care.

King Cobras are known for their venomous bite – which can potentially prove fatal to humans if not treated quickly and effectively with an antidote.

In 2015, a study discovered that more than 45,000 people in India die from snake bites every year.

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