Weight loss coach reveals common myths that are stopping you from shedding the pounds

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A weight loss coach has shared three myths which are believed by a lot of people - but shouldn't be.

Taking to TikTok Shayne Rowland aka @proflex.health, has warned people to not fall for these myths which are rife within the fitness industry. Talking about calories to what we eat and drink - as well as when - he says that many of these so-called facts are far from true.

So what does he say? Here's three food myths you need to stop believing now, according to the expert, and if you want to lose weight, you need to let go of the myths he says.

Myth 1 - Eating late at night makes you gain more weight

The expert explains: "Eating late at night leads to weight gain. The truth is 500 calories of Oreos is still 500 calories whether it's 10am or 10pm. So there's nothing about it being night that makes the calories inherently bad. It's probably the fact when it gets to the night time, that's the time you are more likely to over eat - or down a bottle of wine."

Myth 2 - All calories are equal

He says: "All calories are equal. I don' think so. If we look at 250 calories worth of Pringles versus 250 calories of berries, I can tell you what one you are going to feel more full after.

"So while the calorie amount might be equal between these two, they are not going to have the same affect on your body. And one of them is going to make the weight loss process a whole lot easier."

Myth 3 - Sugar free drinks should be avoided

He explains: "The third myth is that sugar free drinks are the enemy, when in fact, they can actually be a really helpful tool when you are trying to lose weight."

Showing a Pepsi Max can, he says: "If you've got a bit of a sweet craving, you want to try ans curb your hunger, you can have something like this which has got hardly any calories in it which potentially could stop you from going and overeating on other food."