West Bay: Watch enormous chunk of cliff on Jurassic Coast collapses into sea

Enormous section of cliff face that features in the Broadchurch TV series smashes 150ft on to the beach below

Watch: Huge chunk of West Bay cliff collapses into the sea

A video has captured the moment a huge section of the iconic West Bay cliff on the Jurassic Coast collapses into the sea.

The massive rockfall on the spectacular East Cliff of West Bay in Bridport, Dorset, was described as "significant" by the local council after it occurred on Wednesday January 18.

Video footage of the collapse shows a small area of the rockface slip on to the beach - before a massive section of the cliffs then fall away and smash into the beach and sea below.

West Bay cliff in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. (SWNS)
West Bay cliff in Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. (SWNS)

The collapse was likely caused by slow erosion, combined with heavy rains over the previous days.

Incredible aerial pictures show the aftermath of 1,000 tonnes of rock collapsing from a 150ft cliff onto the beach below.

The cliff face on the Jurassic Coast was featured in the popular ITV show 'Broadchurch', starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman - which is filmed at the location.

Photos taken the next day show the massive pile of rocks piled up on the beach.

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West Bay Cliff in Dorset. (swns)
Nobody was on the beach at the time of the rockfall. (SWNS)

Nobody was on the beach at the time of the rockfall and people have been urged to stay away from the area in case of further collapses.

However, several people can be spotted on the images walking their dogs on the beach right next to the heap of rocks.

The beach is part of world heritage site Jurassic World.

Posting on Facebook, Dorset Council said: "Please stay away and do not attempt to clamber over the pile. You would be putting yourself and others at risk. The heavy rain we've had over the last few weeks has made cliffs right along the Jurassic Coast unstable and more prone to rockfalls.

"Do keep away from the base of cliffs and if walking along the top of the cliffs walk well away from the edge."