Wetherspoons’ cheapest pint in the UK revealed - costing pub-goers just £3.19

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The location of the cheapest Wetherspoons’ pints in the UK have been revealed - with a beer setting you back just £3.19 on average.

With many finding their local pubs continuing to bump up prices, the budget boozer has also seen its price tags increase over the past few years.

Research conducted by data platform Stocklytics has analysed prices on some of the most popular beer brands on offer. The data examined the average cost of pints of Carling, Budweiser, Guinness, Heineken, Peroni and Stella at every Wetherspoons branch in the UK, using prices listed on the pub chain’s app.

To make sure your money goes further, the cheapest Wetherspoons pint can be found at The Church House in Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire, where the average pint price comes out to just £3.19. The most affordable option at this establishment is a Carling at £2.49, whilst a Heineken will set you back £4.22.

South Yorkshire proved to be a great value location as it scored the second cheapest spot on the list too. The Horseshoe in Wombwell has an average pint cost of £3.23 but you can snap up a pint of Carling and Guinness for just £2.63.

Completing the top three cheapest locations of a pint was The Sir William de Wessyngton in Washington has an average pint price of just £3.23, whilst The Harry Clasper in nearby Whickham’s average cost is £3.24.

The Church House
The average price of a pint at The Church House in Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire, will set you back just £3.19 -Credit:Tripadvisor

Stocklytics’ data also found the locations for the most expensive Wetherspoons pints. Topping the list was Edinburgh, where the average cost of a pint at the city’s Sir Walter Scott costs £6.80, roughly a 112 per cent increase from the cheapest.

It’s also bad news for Londoners, as London and the South East of England proved to be some of the most expensive areas.

Only two of the top ten most expensive locations are outside of London, with the average pint cost at The Atrium in Birmingham, West Midlands amounting to £6.48.

Top ten cheapest beer prices in Wetherspoons

  1. The Church House, Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorkshire - £3.19

  2. The Horseshoe, Wombwell, South Yorkshire - £3.23

  3. The Sir William de Wessyngton, Washington, Tyne and Wear - £3.23

  4. The Harry Clasper, Whickham, Tyne and Wear - £3.24

  5. The Earl of Dalkeith, Kettering, Northamptonshire - £3.28

  6. The Blue Bell, Pontefract, West Yorkshire - £3.28

  7. The High Main, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear - £3.28

  8. The Penny Black, Northwich, Cheshire - £3.29

  9. The Wilfred Owen, Oswestry, Shropshire - £3.29

  10. The Stanley Jefferson, Bishop Auckland, County Durham - £3.32

Top ten most expensive beer prices in Wetherspoons

  1. The Sir Walter Scott, Edinburgh - £6.80

  2. The Moon Under Water, Westminster - £6.77

  3. The Willow Walk, Victoria - £6.48

  4. The Sir John Hawkshaw, City of London - £6.48

  5. The Atrium, Birmingham - £6.48

  6. The Barrel Vault, Camden - £6.28

  7. The Stargazer, Greenwich - £6.16

  8. The Montagu Pyke, Wewstminster - £6.07

  9. The Ledger Building, Canary Wharf - £6.07

  10. The Goodman's Field, Tower Hamlets - £6.07