When is the 'Inside Man' finale on TV? Don't miss the last episode

Inside Man
Inside Man is a hit with viewers. (BBC)

BBC thriller Inside Man has had viewers hooked since the first episode - but when will we find out what happens to Janice, why Jefferson is so keen to help Beth, and whether Harry will take the blame for what's on the flash drive?

When is the Inside Man finale on TV?

The first two episodes of the four-part series aired on Monday and Tuesday, with the final two set to air in the same time slots next week.

Inside Man will next be on TV on Monday, 3 October at 9pm on BBC One, and the final episode will air on Tuuesday, 4 October at 9pm.

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While the episodes are available for catch up on iPlayer, the BBC is not making episodes available to stream before they have aired.

What has happened in Inside Man so far?

Inside Man,2,Harry Watling (DAVID TENNANT);Edgar Hopperwood (MARK QUARTLEY),*NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL 00:01HRS, TUESDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER, 2022*,Hartswood,Paul Stephenson
Harry is living a nightmare after agreeing to help Edgar. (BBC)

Sherlock and former Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat created the series, and his love for a head-scratching mystery is featured throughout the twisty plot.

Viewers first met journalist Beth Davenport on a tube journey where she was being sexually harassed by a stranger, until maths tutor Janice Fife stepped in with a clever ploy to keep her safe and have the man arrested.

The women struck up a friendship and vicar Harry Watling was introduced as the father of one of Janice's tutoring pupils, Ben.

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A seemingly innocent action by Harry to agree to hide a flash drive belonging to his troubled verger Edgar led to disaster when Janice was given the flash drive to Ben to share some maths work with him.

She was shocked to find that the drive contained images of child porn and, believing that they belonged to Ben, was ready to contact the police - until Harry, desperate to protect both his son and his verger, attacked her and locked her in the cellar in a panic.

Now, he and his wife Mary are in disagreement over how to deal with Janice - Mary is convinced that the only answer is to murder her, while Harry has framed himself so that he would take the blame for the illegal images if Janice goes to the police.

Meanwhile, in the US, Beth had been attempting to interview death row inmate and former criminologist Jefferson Grieff about his project to help solve crime cases of "moral worth" along with fellow inmate Dillon while they await their executions.

Inside Man,04-10-2022,4,Janice Fife (DOLLY WELLS),Hartswood Films Ltd,Paul Stephenson
Janice is trying to negotiate a way out of he cellar. (BBC)

Beth was repulsed by Jefferson's brutal murder of his wife, but struck up an unlikely friendship with him after asking for help in finding Janice, who managed to text a blurry photo of Harry to Beth shortly before she was locked up.

A deadline is looming - Janice never misses her weekly Skype call with her sister, so the alarm is about to be triggered and her diary places her squarely in the Watling house. But with each character's clever plan about to be foiled by another's, the story could go in any direction.

Ben has spotted his maths tutor's handbag still in his house, Janice's plan to buy time by sending a message to her sister has been derailed by Harry deciding to take the blame, and Edgar has taken his own life - leaving a note to say that Harry isn't responsible for the images but is covering for someone else, inadvertently putting Ben back in the frame.

Who stars in Inside Man?

Inside Man,1,Beth Davenport (LYDIA WEST);Jefferson Grieff (STANLEY TUCCI),*NOT FOR PUBLICATION UNTIL OO:O1HRSM TUESDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER, 2022*,Hartswood,Paul Stephenson
Lydia West and Stanley Tucci star. (BBC)

Hollywood star Stanley Tucci plays Jefferson and is known for his roles in The Hunger Games and The Devil Wears Prada.

Doctor Who and Good Omens star David Tennant plays Harry, while Beth, who links the stories together, is played by Lydia West who is best known for her role in It's A Sin.

Playing Janice is Dolly Wells, who has appeared in The Outlaws, The Pursuit of Love and in Moffat's production of Dracula.

The cast also includes Lyndsey Marshal as Mary, Atkins Estimond as Dillon, Mark Quartley as Edgar, and Louis Oliver as Ben, who is also Moffat's own son.

Inside Man,04-10-2022,4,Ben Watling (LOUIS OLIVER),Hartswood Films Ltd,Paul Stephenson
Steven Moffat's son plays Ben. (BBC)

What is the Inside Man theme tune?

Another element of the show that viewers love is the theme tune.

The song played at the start of the series is 'God’s Gonna Cut You Down', covered here by American singer John Grant.

Other versions over the years have been performed by Johnny Cash, and by Marilyn Manson.