Why ‘Crypto Dad’ Is Building the Digital Dollar Foundation

Nathaniel Whittemore

As Libra continues to spur discussions among regulators around the world, and China’s digital yuan comes ever closer to fruition, the U.S. Federal Reserve seems disinclined to look seriously at a digital dollar. Ex-CFTC Chair Chris Giancarlo – aka “Crypto Dad” – isn’t waiting around. He has teamed with Accenture to launch a new non-profit, the Digital Dollar Foundation.

As crypto continues to evolve, it does so in sometimes divergent directions. Gemini announced a new insurance company designed to make big institutions more comfortable with the space. Zcash, meanwhile, released an updated SDK to make it easier to shield transactions via mobile. Can the privacy-preserving side of crypto co-exist, ultimately, with the sanguine institutional side? 

Finally, we revisit our discussion of personal tokens and ISAs, as well as look at the latest research from Coin Metrics on whether bitcoin is behaving like a safe-haven asset. 

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Articles discussed in this episode:

Former CFTC head Giancarlo launches Digital Dollar Foundation

Gemini creates an insurance company with a $200 million limit to protect clients

Coin Metrics examines the bitcoin safe-haven narrative

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