Well, Well, Well, Here's How 17 People Reacted To Louisiana Requiring The 10 Commandments Be Displayed In Schools

Last week, Louisiana ushered in a new, controversial law requiring a version of the Ten Commandments to be displayed in all public school classrooms. As you could expect, the law is already facing a lawsuit from parents, and heavy criticism online.

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So, I asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their own thoughts on the law, and received responses both for and against. Whether you agree or not, here's what they said:

1."I think it’s an awful idea. I’m Jewish (though not particularly religious), so the Ten Commandments are part of my religion anyway. However, I am in favor of a complete separation of church and state."

"Having grown up experiencing discrimination due to my religion from classmates and even some adult volunteers starting as early as elementary school, I absolutely cannot support any religious biases enshrined in law for or against any religion. It’s incredibly uncomfortable already for students of a religious minority to attend schools with large populations of children raised in one particular (majority) religion without this explicit government endorsement of Abrahamic religions. I’m fine with individual teachers, students, families, or staff expressing their views in an appropriate context that does not demean other religions, and I think teaching students about the variety of religions people around the world believe in is essential to raising kind, fair, open-minded kids, but this law is just very thinly veiled Christian propaganda that I don’t know how any reasonable person could support."


2."If someone mentions anything about the queer community, they’re pushing gay agenda. However, putting the Ten Commandments in every classroom isn’t pushing a conservative agenda... Is it just me, or does it smell like double standards in here?"

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3."I’m not particularly religious, I’m gay but I really have no objection to the Ten Commandments being displayed."

"I have no problem with my children attending religious events, either. The commandments do have some mortal guidance, and there is never anything wrong with morals. It’s not like the teacher will be doing a whole Bible sermon."


4."This is why I refuse to teach in the south."


5."Let me start by saying I’m Catholic. I love Jesus and believe in Him. But I also know that others don’t share my faith. And I know that if an LDS lawmaker tried to ban coffee, there would be outrage. I know that if a Muslim lawmaker tried to require hijabs, there would be outrage. Even if something that isn’t religious, like a poster of Taylor Swift, was required in classrooms, there would be outrage."

"Nobody has the right to force their beliefs on another person. The only reason this even is in question is because Christians are the largest American religion. This is a majority religion forcing their beliefs on everyone else, and it’s wrong."


6."Religion has no place in schools outside of a mythology class."


7."I'm completely opposed to it, but I don't think I would notice it if I were a kid. What I noticed growing up was being required to sing Christmas songs in school. I'm Jewish, and it always pissed me off having to sing Christian lyrics I didn't believe in. That was extremely offensive, but I had no choice, and it definitely scarred me."

"And because I didn't celebrate Christmas, I was treated like an alien by other students. I don't know if singing Christmas songs is still required in school today, but I hope not, so non-Christian students don't have to go through what I did."


8."As a teacher, it’s terrifying. I teach special education, and my students would not understand what it meant, and I would be so uncomfortable displaying that in my classroom."

"It scares the heck out of me that the separation of church and state is getting smaller and smaller. Our founding fathers would be horrified. I’m horrified. Our students are representative of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and religions, and to actively represent a singular religion is horrible and against everything that public education stands for. It is horrible that this has to be a discussion."


9."Also, a state ranked 42nd in education should be posting letters and grammar, not the Ten Commandments."


Writer's note: The state's education system is actually ranked 47th, according to US News and World Report.

10."The only reason anything from the Bible should be posted in a class is if it is being used to teach about the impact of religion on world history."

"Even then, there should be quotes from other religious literature and quotes from Darwin and other scientists capturing how science and technology have impacted history. Otherwise, your religious edicts have no place in my classroom. As an atheist who would never push my beliefs on anyone, I am so extremely offended by this happening in a public school funded by a government that holds sacred freedom of religion."


11."I love Jesus and try to keep the commandments, and this is absolutely unconstitutional and inappropriate. You’re going to explain to kids what adultery and coveting your neighbor’s wife means?"

"How are kids of other faiths going to feel? The commandments don’t mention homosexuality or abortion, so those are okay now, yes? I think religion can be a wonderful thing IF it is a choice, not imposed upon others. I believe what I believe, you believe what you believe; let’s all calm down."


12."I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as they display text from other religions as well. Otherwise, it shouldn't be in public schools."


13."Lawmakers forget (or ignore) that not all students follow the same religion."

"A few years back, there was some controversy over the line 'under God' being featured in the Pledge of Allegiance. The current education system seems to be less about learning and more about image, and it’s depressing to be a part of it."


14."School should be a safe place for everyone, especially if home isn't."


15."How about making sure every child can afford lunch or that the teachers have enough books and supplies for every student?"

"For that matter, make sure there are enough teachers with the mass exodus that’s happening right now instead of pushing your ridiculous agenda. Wake up, people."


16."Louisiana's new law requiring public schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms should be necessary because morality, values, and discipline nowadays have been slowly decaying, and most evil or toxic people are desperate to find excuses or quotes that support their stupidity."

"Religion exists because it should help us to know what is right, and if there are any wrongdoings, we should know how to deal with it. In terms of how we perceive culture and gender differences, we still exercise democracy and rights, but too much of it leads to anyone who can be abusive and manipulative, which could affect every aspect of our lives. The Ten Commandments in the Bible teaches or it states us to do what is right and avoid any wrongdoing if possible; whether any other person's or people's different religions have their own versions of the Ten Commandments, the purpose of displaying the Ten Commandments is to be aware and be educated of morality, values, and discipline, which has been lost nowadays."


And finally...

17."Louisiana teachers should use it to teach students which commandments Donald Trump has broken and Republicans continue to ignore."


Now, I'm curious what you think. In the comments below, tell us your thoughts on Louisiana's new law and why you feel that way. Or, if you'd like to remain anonymous, use this Google form. Your response may be featured in an upcoming post.