Woman shares 'best cleaning hack ever' to leave windows sparkling with no smears

Woman cleaning her windows
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Say farewell to smeared windows and expensive glass cleaners with this 'incredible' cleaning trick.

If you're fed up with cleaning your windows only to find they look worse than before, you're not alone. Removing dirt from your mirrors, shower screens, and windows is one of the most exasperating tasks - even the most premium products struggle to get rid of those stubborn marks.

However, one woman has stumbled upon what she dubs the 'best cleaning hack ever', which costs just a few quid and works instantly.

Taking to TikTok, cleaning enthusiast Libby asserts that Fairy Washing Up Liquid is the top product for your windows. The content creator simply adds a dash of the cleaning staple to a damp microfibre cloth before polishing her streaky windows.

"Look at the results. Like, how fast does that work? " she exclaimed in a recent video. "You can also use this hack for your bathroom, shower screens, mirrors, glossy tiles, and anything with a shiny surface.", reports the Express.

"This works absolutely brilliantly... I will never use standard window cleaner again because this just works incredibly."

Hundreds of cleaning enthusiasts flocked to the comments section to laud the hack - with many stating they've long used the method. "Been doing this for years. It's great on mirrors and showers too," one user enthused.

Another individual echoed these sentiments by posting: "I have been using this hack for a few months. It's absolutely fab."

A third added their voice to the conversation, saying: "Stuck in the house without window cleaner... Did this [and it was] amazing."

In addition, a fourth person shared their enthusiasm: "It's brilliant for keeping condensation away as well."